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Obj — class, package away3d.loaders
File loader for the OBJ file format. note: Multiple objects support and autoload mtls are supported since Away v 2.1. Class tested with the following 3D apps: - Strata CX mac 5.5 - Biturn ver 0.87b4 PC - LightWave 3D OBJ Export v2.1 PC - Max2Obj Version 4.0 PC - AC3D 6.2.025 mac - Carrara (file provided) - Hexagon (file provided) - LD3T (file provided) - geometry supported tags: f,v,vt, g - geometry unsupported tags:vn,ka, kd r g b, kd, ks r g b,ks,ke r g b,ke,d alpha,d,tr alpha,tr,ns s,ns,illum n,illum,map_Ka,map_Bump - mtl unsupported tags: kd,ka,ks,ns,tr export from apps as polygon group or mesh as .obj file. added support for 3dmax negative vertexes references
Obj(init:Object) — Constructor, class away3d.loaders.Obj
Creates a new Obj object.
objClone(source:Object) — method, class away3d.primitives.data.PatchData
object — Property, class away3d.animators.FaceLink
efines another object3D to be attached to the face.
object — Property, class away3d.core.utils.HitManager
object — Property, class away3d.events.MouseEvent3D
The 3d object inside which the event took place.
object — Property, class away3d.events.Object3DEvent
A reference to the 3d object that is relevant to the event.
object — Property, class away3d.events.VideoEvent
A reference to the related object (for metadata)
object — Property, class away3d.materials.utils.SimpleShadow
Defines the object3d that will be used for the projection Note that the update method is automaticaly called when set.
object3d — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.Drag3D
Sets the target object3d to the class.
object3D — Property, class away3d.core.session.AbstractSession
Object3D — class, package away3d.core.base
Base class for all 3d objects.
Object3DEvent — class, package away3d.events
Passed as a parameter when a 3d object event occurs
Object3DEvent(type:String, object:away3d.core.base:Object3D) — Constructor, class away3d.events.Object3DEvent
Creates a new MaterialEvent object.
ObjectContainer3D — class, package away3d.containers
3d object container node for other 3d objects in a scene
ObjectContainer3D(... rest) — Constructor, class away3d.containers.ObjectContainer3D
Creates a new ObjectContainer3D object
objectCulling — Property, class away3d.core.clip.Clipping
objectCulling — Property, class away3d.core.clip.FrustumClipping
objectCulling — Property, class away3d.core.clip.NearfieldClipping
ObjectData — class, package away3d.loaders.data
Data class for a generic 3d object
objectDepth — Property, class away3d.core.base.Object3D
Boundary depth of the 3d object return The depth of the mesh
objectDepth — Property, class away3d.primitives.AbstractPrimitive
Boundary depth of the 3d object return The depth of the mesh
objectHeight — Property, class away3d.core.base.Object3D
Boundary height of the 3d object return The height of the mesh
objectHeight — Property, class away3d.primitives.AbstractPrimitive
Boundary height of the 3d object return The height of the mesh
objectspace — Property, class away3d.tools.Merge
Defines if mesh2 is merged using its objectspace.
objectSpace — Property, class away3d.tools.Grid
Defines if the grid unit is applied in objectspace or worldspace.
OBJECT_SPACE — Constant Static Property, class away3d.materials.utils.NormalMapType
objectWidth — Property, class away3d.core.base.Object3D
Boundary width of the 3d object return The width of the object
objectWidth — Property, class away3d.primitives.AbstractPrimitive
Boundary width of the 3d object return The width of the object
ObjExporter — class, package away3d.exporters
Class ObjExporter generates a string in the WaveFront obj format representing the object3D(s).
ObjExporter() — Constructor, class away3d.exporters.ObjExporter
Class Obj generates a string in the WaveFront obj format representing the object3D(s).
objFile — Property, class away3d.exporters.ObjExporter
Returns the last generated obj file async from events.
offset — Property, class away3d.animators.FaceLink
The offset multiplyer value along the normal vector of the face
offset — Property, class away3d.animators.PathAnimator
sets an optional offset to the position on the path, ideal for cameras or reusing the same Path object for parallel animations
offset(x:Number, y:Number, z:Number) — method, class away3d.core.base.Element
Offsets the vertices of the face by given amounts in x, y and z.
offset — Property, class away3d.modifiers.HeightMapModifier
The offset addded to the height values of the height map.
offset — Property, class away3d.modifiers.PathAlignModifier
Applies a vector offset to the mesh before it is modified
offset — Property, class away3d.modifiers.data.VertexData
offsetCenter — Property, class away3d.tools.utils.Drag3D
offsetRadius — Property, class away3d.extrusions.LatheExtrusion
Defines an offset radius applied to the profile.
offsetX — Property, class away3d.animators.FaceLink
An extra offset x value added to model position
offsetX — Property, class away3d.extrusions.CollisionMap
getter/setter for the offsetX, offsetY
offsetX — Property, class away3d.materials.BitmapMaskMaterial
offsetX — Property, class away3d.materials.TransformBitmapMaterial
Offsets the x coordinates of the texture in uv-space
offsetY — Property, class away3d.animators.FaceLink
An extra offset y value added to model position
offsetY — Property, class away3d.extrusions.CollisionMap
offsetY — Property, class away3d.materials.BitmapMaskMaterial
offsetY — Property, class away3d.materials.TransformBitmapMaterial
Offsets the y coordinates of the texture in uv-space
offsetZ — Property, class away3d.animators.FaceLink
An extra offset z value added to model position
omit — Property, class away3d.extrusions.LatheExtrusion
Defines if the top, bottom, left, right, front or back of the the extrusion is left open.
onepointcut(priIndex:uint, renderer:away3d.core.render:Renderer, v01x:Number, v01y:Number, v01z:Number) — method, class away3d.core.utils.ViewSourceObject
onlysource — Property, class away3d.core.render.QuadrantTreeNode
hold the 3d object referenced when onlysourceFlag is true.
onlysourceFlag — Property, class away3d.core.render.QuadrantTreeNode
Determines if the quadrant node contains only one source.
onSceneTransformChange(event:away3d.events:Object3DEvent) — method, class away3d.lights.DirectionalLight3D
onSceneTransformChange(event:away3d.events:Object3DEvent) — method, class away3d.lights.PointLight3D
onSessionUpdate(event:away3d.events:SessionEvent) — method, class away3d.core.session.AbstractSession
onSessionUpdate(event:away3d.events:SessionEvent) — method, class away3d.core.session.SpriteSession
onSolidGround — Property, class away3d.physics.BSPCollider
openEnded — Property, class away3d.primitives.Cone
Defines whether the end of the cone is left open (true) or closed (false).
openEnded — Property, class away3d.primitives.Cylinder
Defines whether the ends of the cylinder are left open (true) or closed (false).
orig — Property, class away3d.materials.utils.data.Ray
Defines the origin point of the Ray object
origin — Property, class away3d.modifiers.data.VertexData
OrthogonalLens — class, package away3d.cameras.lenses
OUT — Constant Static Property, class away3d.core.geom.Frustum
outerRefraction — Property, class away3d.materials.FresnelPBMaterial
The refractive index of the outer medium (where the view ray starts)
outerRefraction — Property, class away3d.materials.GlassMaterial
The refractive index of the outer medium (where the view ray starts)
outline — Property, class away3d.core.base.Mesh
Defines a segment material to be used for outlining the 3d object.
outTangent — Property, class away3d.animators.data.Channel
overlay — Property, class away3d.containers.View3D
An overlay sprite positioned on top of the rendered scene.
ownCanvas — Property, class away3d.core.base.Object3D
Defines whether the contents of the 3d object are rendered using it's own render session
ownSession — Property, class away3d.core.base.Object3D
Defines a unique render session for the 3d object.
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