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AbstractParser — class, package away3dlite.loaders
Abstract parsing object used as a base class for all loaders to extend from.
AbstractParser() — Constructor, class away3dlite.loaders.AbstractParser
Creates a new AbstractParser object.
AbstractPrimitive — class, package away3dlite.primitives
Abstract base class for shaded primitives
AbstractPrimitive(material:away3dlite.materials:Material) — Constructor, class away3dlite.primitives.AbstractPrimitive
Creates a new AbstractPrimitive object.
active — Static Property, class away3dlite.core.utils.Debug
Determines whether debug mode is active.
addAnimation(name:String) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.utils.AnimationLibrary
Adds an animation name reference to the library.
addChannel(channel:away3dlite.animators.bones:Channel) — method, class away3dlite.animators.BonesAnimator
Adds an animation channel to the animation timeline.
addChannel(name:String, xml:XML) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.utils.ChannelLibrary
Adds an animation channel name reference to the library.
addChild(child:flash.display:DisplayObject) — method, class away3dlite.containers.ObjectContainer3D
Adds a 3d object to the scene as a child of the container.
addFrame(frame:away3dlite.animators.frames:Frame) — method, class away3dlite.animators.MovieMesh
Adds a new frame to the animation timeline.
addGeometry(name:String, geoXML:XML, ctrlXML:XML) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.utils.GeometryLibrary
Adds a geometry name reference to the library.
addItem(loader:away3dlite.loaders.utils:TextureLoader, request:flash.net:URLRequest) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.utils.TextureLoadQueue
Adds a new loader and request object to the load queue.
addMaterial(name:String) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.utils.MaterialLibrary
Adds a material name reference to the library.
addOnError(listener:Function) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.AbstractParser
Default method for adding a parseError event listener
addOnProgress(listener:Function) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.AbstractParser
Default method for adding a parseProgress event listener
addOnSuccess(listener:Function) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.AbstractParser
Default method for adding a parseSuccess event listener
addSkinController(skinController:away3dlite.animators.bones:SkinController) — method, class away3dlite.animators.BonesAnimator
Adds a SkinController and all associated SkinVertex objects to the animation.
addSourceURL(url:String) — method, class away3dlite.containers.View3D
Defines a source url string that can be accessed though a View Source option in the right-click menu.
addSprite(sprite:away3dlite.sprites:Sprite3D) — method, class away3dlite.containers.ObjectContainer3D
Adds a 3d object to the scene as a child of the container.
alignmentType — Property, class away3dlite.sprites.Sprite3D
Defines the way the sprite aligns its plane to face the viewer.
AlignmentType — class, package away3dlite.sprites
Holds the accepted values for the alignment property in the Sprite3D class.
alpha — Property, class away3dlite.loaders.data.MaterialData
Optional alpha of the material.
alpha — Property, class away3dlite.materials.ColorMaterial
Defines the transparency of the material.
alpha — Property, class away3dlite.materials.WireframeMaterial
Defines the transparency of the outline.
ambientColor — Property, class away3dlite.loaders.data.MaterialData
Optional ambient color of the material.
animation — Property, class away3dlite.loaders.data.AnimationData
Reference to the animation object of the resulting animation.
AnimationData — class, package away3dlite.loaders.data
Data class for the animation of a mesh.
animationLibrary — Property, class away3dlite.core.base.Object3D
Used in the loaders to store all parsed animation data contained in the model.
AnimationLibrary — Dynamic Class, package away3dlite.loaders.utils
Store for all animations associated with an externally loaded file.
animationType — Property, class away3dlite.loaders.data.AnimationData
String representing the animation type.
ANIM_LOOP — Constant Static Property, class away3dlite.animators.MovieMesh
ANIM_NORMAL — Constant Static Property, class away3dlite.animators.MovieMesh
ANIM_STOP — Constant Static Property, class away3dlite.animators.MovieMesh
array2matrix(ar:Array, yUp:Boolean, scaling:Number) — method, class away3dlite.loaders.Collada
Fills the 3d matrix object with values from an array with 3d matrix values ordered from right to left and up to down.
autoLoadTextures — Property, class away3dlite.loaders.Loader3D
Controls the automatic loading of image files used as textures in the model.
autoUpdate — Property, class away3dlite.materials.MovieMaterial
Indicates whether the texture bitmap is updated on every frame
away3dlite.animators — package
away3dlite.animators.bones — package
away3dlite.animators.frames — package
away3dlite.cameras — package
away3dlite.containers — package
away3dlite.core.base — package
away3dlite.core.clip — package
away3dlite.core.render — package
away3dlite.core.utils — package
away3dlite.debug — package
away3dlite.events — package
away3dlite.loaders — package
away3dlite.loaders.data — package
away3dlite.loaders.utils — package
away3dlite.materials — package
away3dlite.primitives — package
away3dlite.sprites — package
away3dlite.templates — package
away3dlite.templates.events — package
away3dlite.templates.ui — package
AwayStats — class, package away3dlite.debug
Stats monitor for Away3D or general use in any project.
AwayStats(view3d:away3dlite.containers:View3D, minimized:Boolean, transparent:Boolean, meanDataLength:uint, enableClickToReset:Boolean, enableModifyFrameRate:Boolean) — Constructor, class away3dlite.debug.AwayStats
Create an Away3D stats widget.
AWData — class, package away3dlite.loaders
File loader/parser for the native .awd data file format.
AWData() — Constructor, class away3dlite.loaders.AWData
Creates a new AWData object, a parser for .awd files.
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