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17 Jul 2007

AWAY3D Demo > Easy to play with…

by Peter Kapelyan

Click here to see! I scraped some code together from the LESSONS that can be found under "DOWNLOADS" (in handy dandy FLA format), along with a nifty turtle and texture made by yours truly . In Firefox the new AWAY3D code can run this simple scene (with some lights) at…


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08 Jul 2007

Behold Ye: Golden Bird

by Fabrice Closier Behold Ye: Golden Bird

Looking very shiny now, isn't it? I have improved the speed of the process so that it can handle a decent polygon count. Some people sure gave me a shove in the right direction! But please, do not retreat now. I had planned much more for the bitmapdata in the…


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05 Jul 2007

Chrome Ball

by Fabrice Closier Chrome Ball

Click on the Chrome Ball, or here, to see! Difficult to believe the above image is being rendered with Flash, eh?! Yes, I think I got it... while playing with the new code, I finally managed to get what I was looking for. The metal has now the real look…