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05 Mar 2008

Away3D - Bitmap Rendering w/ post processing effects

by Alejandro Santander

We've now completed the main part of the refactoring work on rendering pipeline for upcoming Away3d 1.9.5. Now user has possiblity to render either to a sprite (SpriteView3D) or select the BitmapView3D which renders to a Bitmap. This can then be used as a normal DisplayObject or you can request…


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03 Mar 2008

Away3D = Games, Infographics and Online Applications

by Peter Kapelyan

Away3D has recently seen a sudden increase in commercial use - now including areas such as Education, Gaming, and Online Applications. The following content shows a sample of what's currently being powered by the Away3d Engine. EffectiveUI launchs an application for the Discovery Channel called "Discovery Earth Live" which lets…