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17 Feb 2012

Away3D 4.0 Beta released

by Rob Bateman Away3D 4.0 Beta released

We are pleased to announce that the release build of Away3D 4.0 Beta has finally arrived! What with all the action and reaction of the last few weeks and months, its been a tough time for everyone at Away3D and we appreciate the patience and resilience of everyone involved, none…


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15 Sep 2009

Prefab3D 1.0: From Scene to Scenic

by Rob Bateman Prefab3D 1.0: From Scene to Scenic

For a long time, Away3D has been about the pursuit of rendering high-quality, realtime 3D in Flash. However, for the same amount of time, there has been a completely different set of skills emerging around the creation of the 3D content itself, to get the best out of the engine.…


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06 Sep 2009

Warping 3D Text

by Alejandro Santander Warping 3D Text

Now that Away3D supports the creation of 3d vector text fields, aligning and animating text fields along 3D curves has been one of the big todos on our list. You can now experiment with our first attempts on a solution for achieving this, using latest sources from the 3.4.1 FP10…