15 Sep 2009

Prefab3D 1.0: From Scene to Scenic

by Rob Bateman Prefab3D 1.0: From Scene to Scenic

For a long time, Away3D has been about the pursuit of rendering high-quality, realtime 3D in Flash. However, for the same amount of time, there has been a completely different set of skills emerging around the creation of the 3D content itself, to get the best out of the engine. In the pursuit of 3D FOR Flash, very little has been done towards producing a common set of tools that can be reused and applied to any project. Awaybuilder allows a certain amount of extra control to the designer, but for someone with little or no programming skills, how best do you deliver to a Flash developer the content he/she needs to get a good result in Away3D? Away3D PreFab v1. Prefab3D v1.0 Fabrice Closier, core member of the Away3D team, has today released a tool that should help answer that question. It is built on over two years experience creating top quality 3D content in Away3D. If you are a Flash designer or an experienced Flash developer working on Flash 3D projects, this application might become your best friend! Away3D PreFab v1. Release 1 Prefab3D can be downloaded for free as an AIR application. Many features still under development haven't made the 1.0 release, but as you will notice, there is a little button in the main menu that says: "check update"... At present, the tool can import all model formats supported by Away3D, and allows you to export as an AS3 class or OBJ file, ready for insertion into your Away3D project. Away3D PreFab v1. Quick start For a full list of features and some information on how to get started with the tool, head over to the Prefab3D homepage. More documentation and tutorials should be coming your way soon! Away3D PreFab v1. Away3D PreFab v1.


15 Sep 2009 12:49 PM

Victor Ribeiro said:

Hey, how are you?

I had sent you a comment on the TEAM page, did you got that?

I want to talk to someone about away3d, can I have a e-mail or a MSN please?

Another thing is, take a look at my site and see some fo my work with away3D: http://victorribeiro.com in the EXTRA session.


15 Sep 2009 03:10 PM

Fabrice Closier said:

Hi Victor, why don't you join our devgroup?

15 Sep 2009 06:22 PM

Gary Stasiuk said:

This looks great. I have been building VizualPV3D for the last year, and wondering if I could port it over to other 3D packages. It is way further along than what is currently released, but now I want to see all that away3D can offer. From personal experience, I know HOW much work it is to get a 3d application up and running in flash. I hope to get some wonderful inspiration from your application.

15 Sep 2009 08:51 PM

gKreator said:

wow this is awsome thank you for the release

16 Sep 2009 02:10 AM

John said:

Oh-my-god, this is what i've been waiting for! Thanks very much! Now would be wonderful to have that maya builder announced some releases ago wink

16 Sep 2009 02:50 AM

Pedja said:

Yeeey! You guys are the coolest smile
Thanks for all the efforts, we all owe you one!

16 Sep 2009 03:44 AM

michel said:

Looks great, but i am having a hard time to getting it work, but i didnt work much with air yet.
There was no .air file? i renamed the .zip to .air and installed it then it worked smile
But i want to load a md2 now, so i click on import 3d model, a screen pops up and i select my md2 then i click ok but nothing happens?

Any idea?

16 Sep 2009 04:24 AM

Fabrice Closier said:

hey Michel, I'm busy writing/making some material that would help get you started. In meanwhile, just keep in mind, the model must be placed in at least one of the lights falloffs. if not the model gets the influence of the sceneambinet value...

16 Sep 2009 08:33 PM

Prefab3D: Away3D authoring tool » 3d said:

[...] Prefab3D: Away3D authoring tool Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet BoxClick here to read article [...]

21 Sep 2009 05:18 AM

Bruce said:

Just what I've been waiting for!

22 Sep 2009 01:47 AM

gKreator said:

This is one step away from something wonderful, a terrain/map editor? One that you could add lights also create cubes that would form walls and create a triangles that you could use make a roof with. Entities for scenery also?

05 Oct 2009 01:17 PM

Ole Jak said:

It's not working with 3ds files generated with 3ds max 2010 x64:( and with some (all I tried) 3DS models found on the enternet( can any one help me?

06 Oct 2009 04:02 AM

Fabrice Closier said:

Several new exports from apps such as 3ds and colladas are indeed giving problems atm. I'm looking at these and hope find a fix soon. In meanwhile, export as wavefront obj, make sure your obj files are triangulated, and that the .mtl is using relative path.

07 Jun 2010 04:35 PM

dan said:

What does "geometry integrity report" in Prefab means ?

14 Jun 2010 05:37 AM

Fabrice Closier said:

Hey Dan, says what it does. If somehow, geometry definition in imported data is incorrect, like null, faces definition incomplete, NaN's, triangle as a line etc, Prefab will warn you and display the error(s) found. This way, you know there will be a display or construct problem once loaded in your Away3D project. Prefab can repair some of these issues and will display the imported data if possible. But it basically it says: your model is probably not ready/suitable yet.

23 Jun 2010 09:20 PM

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