05 Mar 2008

Away3D - Bitmap Rendering w/ post processing effects

by Alejandro Santander

We've now completed the main part of the refactoring work on rendering pipeline for upcoming Away3d 1.9.5. Now user has possiblity to render either to a sprite (SpriteView3D) or select the BitmapView3D which renders to a Bitmap. This can then be used as a normal DisplayObject or you can request a direct access to the rendered output for post processing etc.

Jalava, our new team member, quickly whipped together some post processing effects from using evoengine from Evoflash and slapped it together with Away3d.

Here is the result.Bitmap Rendering Demo


As you can see, it is pretty easy to add different post processing effects on the away3d engine when you can get everything rendered to a bitmap.

In here we are doing about 20 fullscreen bitmapData#draw calls to render postprocessing plus we are rendering about 1200 polygons fully textured with precision bitmap material.

the Away3d Team


05 Mar 2008 04:58 AM

katopz said:

nice! ;D

05 Mar 2008 11:08 AM

Lorenz said:


06 Mar 2008 12:57 AM

Henri Karapuu said:


I'm following the progress of dozen+ frameworks, and must say that away3d is the fastest developing one, producing jaw dropping advances on weekly basis.

Now, if you'd get some documentation done, i might actually even use it smile I really hope that after you get 2.0 out you can concentrate more on this side of the things.

06 Mar 2008 03:28 AM

Fabrice Closier said:

We are actually very busy building tutorials, extended doc, examples, look top right on this site smile Many of our posts are previews of the upcoming features, like this one...

07 Mar 2008 09:56 AM

eyefisher said:

This is brilliant!

Can't wait to do some work with it.

01 Apr 2008 07:10 AM

Manny said:

Bring It on! Cant wait to get some 3DS Max characters in there! Good stuff. 1.9.5 will rock!

16 Jun 2008 03:00 AM

bubbleball said:

funny turtle, cool work and nice effect

06 Nov 2008 11:08 AM

vincent said:

Wow great Job ! Amazing.

Thx a lot

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