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23 Feb 2008

Away3D Temple: version 1.9.4 released!

by Fabrice Closier

If your looking for somewhere to relax (and I know we are!) after a hard day coding with Away3d, then why not try the latest online virtual-zen environment: The Away3d Temple The beautiful ambient music is composed by Atom(bang) This demo weights only 204 kb with fully code generated meshes,…


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29 Jan 2008

Away3D: version 1.9.3 released

by Rob Bateman Away3D: version 1.9.3 released

Away3D version 1.9.3 is now available via the svn or downloads section of The above demo shows some of the new capabilites of the BitmapMaterialContainer class, along with a viewable source (right-click on the background of the swf) that can be used with the 1.9.3 codebase. The extrusion classes…


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08 Jan 2008

Away3D Livedocs, Examples and Wiki

by Greg Caldwell (Greg209) Away3D Livedocs, Examples and Wiki

To bring in 2008, it is time for an update to the documentation for Away3D. Other than a significant makeover, the documentation now : has been updated to V1.9.2 provides a search function documetation can be easily managed links to the new wiki are included for each class examples will…