3D Parques

Mobile multiplayer board game 3D Parques

Created by Colombian games studio 3D Logical, mobile app 3D Parqués recreates the popular spanish board game Parchís (similar to Ludo) in a fun, multiplayer experience for iOS. Up to 6 players can compete on a single device, with the main game area rendered in beautiful realtime…


Sniper Team

3D tower defence game Sniper Team

The latest release from Away3D aficionados Xform Games, Sniper Team is a tower defence-style 1st person shooter with fast gameplay and lush scenery. Your base has been infiltrated by waves of hostiles. Defend it at all cost!

The enemy can come from any direction, so your team…


Space jump

Go for the World Record! Space jump

Jump 39,000 meters and become the world’s fastest man. Breaking the record of Felix Baumgartner. Millions saw Felix record holding jump from space. Now it’s your turn! With a little aid of Away3D, you can jump from the space-capsule navigating towards earth while breaking the sound barrier. Hit the…


Scylla Starfighter

Game Scylla Starfighter

Scylla Starfighter is a great looking game that uses Away3D 4 to achieve near console quality in the browser featuring live acting cut scenes and a solid story. Check out a gameplay video here or click below to play on Newgrounds.

The Scylla squadron was created for the protection…



by Vilyx Racing

Nice racing game concept by the team of vilyx.ru