3D Parques

Mobile multiplayer board game 3D Parques

Created by Colombian games studio 3D Logical, mobile app 3D Parqués recreates the popular spanish board game Parchís (similar to Ludo) in a fun, multiplayer experience for iOS. Up to 6 players can compete on a single device, with the main game area rendered in beautiful realtime 3D.

3D Parqués Screenshot 2

The game runs on Adobe AIR, and uses Away3D and Away Physics to render the board and pieces. Distributed to more than 52 countries around the world, 3D Parqués has ranked in the top 5 AppStore boardgames several times and is also available on Samsung Apps and Amazon Appstore. The following video demonstrates gameplay for the new 4 person board on the iPad.

Future additions to the game will include online multilplayer options, as well as releases on Google Play, Google Chrome and Facebook. Lead developer Juan Fernando Velez was upbeat about their choice of development platform, and the advantages it brings for now and the future:

We used Adobe AIR 3.8 and the latest Away3D 4.1.4 Gold, and found it very reliable on almost all platforms we tested. All recent Samsung tablets run Away3D like a charm, high-res models like the Nexus 10 (2560x1600) down to to cheaper Chinese tablets like the Titán 1002ME achieved 55-60 fps. We tested a lot of engines, but found in Away3D / Away Physics the correct balance between ease of use, Adobe AIR integration, other Stage3D engine integration, performance (best Bullet Physics implementation) and community support.

We can say that we reached an optimal production pipeline thanks to the speed and multi-platform possibilities of Adobe AIR and the huge potential of Away3D to achieve stunning 3D graphics on a great number of devices and platforms. The integration with Stage3D and overlaid Stage is a great way to build applications and games faster.

3D Parqués Screenshot 3

The game is currently available from the iTunes AppStore, Amazon AppStore and Samsung Apps. An excellent example of the power of multi-platform publishing! With more platforms to come…