Games has launched three new Flash games made with the Away3D engine. How quickly can you make a BLT sandwich, serve up spicy fries, or stuff a box of Valentine’s Day treats? The games all have some kind of food theme, with a healthy injection of flavorful graphics and oddball…


Intel IT Manager

Game Intel IT Manager

Intel IT MANAGER is an isometric Sims-style game with up to 100,000 triangles, interactive and animated elements per screen in certain rooms! Do you have what it takes to manage the IT department in your own virtual company?

How does a Flash 3D game handle 100,000 triangles at once? It…


Fisherman’s Day

Game Fisherman’s Day

Fisherman’s Day has got to be one of the most polished Flash demos for a 3D game seen yet. You won’t see anything comparable made with any other Flash 3D Engine.

If you’ve played or seen Animal Crossing for the Nintendo DS or Wii, you may recognize the way the…