Racing game

Experiment Racing game

Nice looking racing game created by Bartek Drozdz that showcases several of the capabilities of the Flash Player 10 version of the engine. Bartek also discusses his experiences with doing a similar game in Unity3D. Also - do not miss out on his WebGL experiments and J3D engine.



Game Raveleijn

Raveleijn is a Diablo-esque dungeon crawler adventure game created by Little Chicken Game company for Efteling, a Dutch themepark. The core engine is built around Away3D, extended to support features such as animation blending and a LUA interpreter. There are over 30 missions to be played in a huge world…


Delta Strike

Game Delta Strike

Delta Strike is a 333% awesome next gen sci-fi browser game, coming to your galaxy this summer. (May contain traces of nuts.)


Cafe World

Facebook game Cafe World

23 Million people a month (and growing) are playing “Café World” on Facebook, which utilizes Away3D for its speed and flexibility. This must be one of the most visible Away3D games on the web! Café World is still in beta, but still very playable. If you have a Facebook account,…


Real Aquarium

Facebook game Real Aquarium

Real Aquarium is a Facebook app where you can tend to your own 3D fish in a virtual aquarium. The first 3D virtual pet on Facebook is a big step for 3D Flash apps, it shows how people can develop and create simple applications with more graphical ‘depth’ .