Arcade Game DN8:Pulse

By combining Away3D with the highly capable 2D framework ND2D, this shooter kicks some serious arcade butt! Get ready for an inferno of bullets and lasers - all in glorious Stage3D.


Regency Dressup Game

Jane Austen: Regency Dressup Game

The first in a sieries of minigames that will eventually become a full sim-game, set in the universe of author Jane Austen. Created by a small company and with a non-standard but good story/idea with extremely high production quality. Definitely a comapany to follow!

The first minigame out is…


Shopping Mall Parking

Game Shopping Mall Parking

Parking game with 3D real-time graphics with Flash 11 and Away 3D. The arcade style and colourists graphics provide a great game experience. You have to park the cars as fast as you can, and try not to collide with other cars… or you are fired!


Delta Strike: Beta release on Facebook

Social 3D Action RPG Delta Strike: Beta release on Facebook

Delta strike is an online RPG set in space that sees you battling for survival as part of the Global Organisation for Restoration of Earth (G.O.R.E) spacefleet. The team at Pro3games have been working hard to combine the new graphical power of Flash 11’s Stage3D capabilities with the addictive…


Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Game Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is an online fantasy card game in the tradition of Magic the Gathering and similar games. Essence ltd is a startup company form Sofia, Bulgaria focused on developing online games. Their first project is Battlegrounds of Eldhelm uses the Away3D engine to render the 3D game table…