Sniper Team

3D tower defence game Sniper Team

The latest release from Away3D aficionados Xform Games, Sniper Team is a tower defence-style 1st person shooter with fast gameplay and lush scenery. Your base has been infiltrated by waves of hostiles. Defend it at all cost!

The enemy can come from any direction, so your team has a sniper posted on all sides of your base. You can configure weapons for each unique sniper and switch between them at will. Money earnt by taking out enemies can be spent on new weapons and upgrades in the shop.

The game was built with the new 4.1 Alpha branch of Away3D and uses obj files for static scenery and md5 for character animations. Jiglib was used to provide the hit detection.

We are pleased to announce that as a result of their support and prolific use of Away3D, Xform Games are now an Away Foundation associate partner. You can read more about the company by going to their members page at

For more info on their currently released games, go to We can’t wait for the next Xform release with Away3D!