Away3D 4.0.11 Gold

Flash Player 11


Flash Version: Flash 11 or newer
Source files: Download
SWC File: Download
Example source: Download **
Documentation: Download


Including dot releases for the following hotfixes:
- Fixed incorrect z values in project() and x/y/z values in unproject() methods of lensbase
- Fixed incorrect bounds normals returned by mouse event on an object with triangle picking enabled
- Fixed missing delta data on MouseEvent3D.MOUSE_WHEEL events

- Doublesided materials considered correctly in triangle picking
- Fixed incorrect mouse events from Sprite3D
- Introduced zOffset parameter on all scenegraph objects to allow manual sorting offsets
- Fixed incorrect picking event from firing when a bounds collision is detected from inside the bounds
- Fixed missing mouse down events when running on tablets
- Added ability to resize the viewport of a View3D object independent of Stage3DProxy when sharing a context
- Updated Adobe’s AGALMiniAssembler to the latest from
- Implemented getSceneCollision on RaycastPicker (#418)

These pages only contain the major releases. If you check out our GIT repository, you will always have access to the very latest version as well as any versions inbetween.
We also offer a SVN repository, but this is only updated for the major releases.
SVN: svn checkout

*  = with FLA files for Flash CS3/4/5
** = pure Actionscript classes for editors like Flash Builder, FDT, FlashDevelop, IntelliJ