Away3D 1.8


Flash Version: Flash 9 or newer
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Added in version 1.8

Stats panel for debugging framerate, memory usage, triangle clipping etc.
Quaternion manipulation methods.
Animation playback support
Smooth animation playback on meshes
Render loop optimisations
movePivot method for all 3d objects
asAS3Class method added to Mesh

These pages only contain the major releases. If you check out our GIT repository, you will always have access to the very latest version as well as any versions inbetween.
We also offer a SVN repository, but this is only updated for the major releases.
SVN: svn checkout

*  = with FLA files for Flash CS3/4/5
** = pure Actionscript classes for editors like Flash Builder, FDT, FlashDevelop, IntelliJ