Away3D 1.5


Flash Version: Flash 9 or newer
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Added in version 1.5

AlphaBitmapMaterial class for semi-transparent materials
RegularPolygon class for flat circular objects
Ctrl key and shift key support on mouse events
Scale property on 3d object
Cast class for resolving object types
Static Renderer class for default renderers

Added in version 1.4

Convex blockers for occlusion culling
MovieMaterial class for animated textures
Torus primitive class
Sprite2D and Sprite2DDir classes for spherical billboard objects
Init class for dynamically casting properties in the init object
LODObject class for displaying multiple meshes defined at various levels of detail

Added in version 1.3

View3D class for defining a view independent of a scene
Color class for casting color strings
SkyBox6 for skybox creation with a single image
Mouse events added on 3d objects
Ase loader
Test package for creating test environment

Added in version 1.2

Light3D for lit scenes
ColorShadingMaterial for shaded colored materials
WhiteShadingBitmapMaterial for shaded bitmap material
Skybox primitive

Added in version 1.1

New QuadrantRenderer for corrective z-sorting and intersecting objects
AnotherRivalFilter and QuadrantRiddleFilter used in z-sorting
RectangleClipping for culling triangles outside a viewport
Wire primitives
Wire materials

Branched from Papervision – version 1.0

Perspective correction on BitmapMaterial
Implemented traverser/producer/consumer framework
Draw package for abstract DrawPrimitive classes holding render data
Render package for separate render classes holding render methods

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*  = with FLA files for Flash CS3/4/5
** = pure Actionscript classes for editors like Flash Builder, FDT, FlashDevelop, IntelliJ