Sendra Boots Customizer

Online 3D store Sendra Boots Customizer

Sendra Boots Customiser is a new online shopping experience created by the spanish design agency Miaumiau Interactive Studio. The site allows the creation of custom-designed boots, and features an intuitive interactive 3D interface to create a design from an initial set of standard boot shapes. The user can mix…


Muse Music Visualiser

Interactive 3D lyrics video Muse Music Visualiser

For Muse’s latest single Panic Station, London based creative agency Yuki were approached to create an interactive video experience. The result is a 3D music visualizer which showcases GPU accelerated Away3D 4 and Flash Player 11 loveliness.

The visualiser was premiered exclusively on a few weeks…


Sniper Team

3D tower defence game Sniper Team

The latest release from Away3D aficionados Xform Games, Sniper Team is a tower defence-style 1st person shooter with fast gameplay and lush scenery. Your base has been infiltrated by waves of hostiles. Defend it at all cost!

The enemy can come from any direction, so your team…


Nissan Juke Customiser

Personalisation application Nissan Juke Customiser

Digitas France have created another stunning Away3D website - this time in the form of a personalisation tool for the Nissan Juke.

The site will shortly be available in Nissan dealerships across Europe, enabling a real-time 3D personalization experience with the highest degree of precision and realism.

Several custom…



Premium free-to-play RPG KingsRoad

KingsRoad is an action role-playing game from Rumble Entertainment, a California-based developer and publisher of premium, free-to-play web and mobile games. It features next-generation graphics and gameplay delivered in the browser, utilising the Flash Platform and Away3D engine.

KingsRoad screen 1