Sendra Boots Customizer

Online 3D store Sendra Boots Customizer

Sendra Boots Customiser is a new online shopping experience created by the spanish design agency Miaumiau Interactive Studio. The site allows the creation of custom-designed boots, and features an intuitive interactive 3D interface to create a design from an initial set of standard boot shapes. The user can mix and match materials by clicking on active areas of each boot, allowing for some pretty inventive fashion!

Miaumiau used Away3D for the boots interaction and 3D rendering on the site. Héctor Arellan, lead developer on the project was very pleased to have chosen Away3D as the basis for the rendering:

The most important thing about this framework is that you get instant results with very few efforts, implementing a scene is “out of the box”. This allowed us to work with the 3d models and textures without worrying about having any troubles with the code.
We have being toying around with Away for the last two years, and we have developed our last three projects using it. We also have been able to adapt the shaders to our needs since the code is very flexible and that is something that makes this framework a very handy tool.

The Sendra Boots Customiser recently received a “Site of the Day” on the FWA, and Miaumiau say they are planning to post some more info about the customisations used within Away3D on their projects that have helped them achieve the effects they require. For more info on their current experiments, go to