Muse Music Visualiser

Interactive 3D lyrics video Muse Music Visualiser

For Muse’s latest single Panic Station, London based creative agency Yuki were approached to create an interactive video experience. The result is a 3D music visualizer which showcases GPU accelerated Away3D 4 and Flash Player 11 loveliness.

The visualiser was premiered exclusively on a few weeks ago, and has since gone on to receive numerous nods of approval from other industry blogs, including Muse’s own band site over at

Muse Music Visualiser

Various embedded actions within the audio file are used to control the camera and positions of the particles, providing a nice sit back and watch experience. For users who want to get more interactive, there’s also the ability to take control of the camera’s pan and tilt values by holding the mouse down and moving around. On the subject of project build, Yuki Creative Director Stewart Wright had this to say:

For this project there were 2 very important aspects for us - the framework had to be easy to work with (due to a very tight turnaround time) and also had to be able to inherently deliver the best performance for the machine hosting the content. We found that Away3D was an excellent choice for this particular project, the latest version was very easy to pick up, even though our experience of previous versions had been limited, and the framework provided a high level of control whilst remaining performance friendly in most situations. Great job Away Team!

Yuki have also kindly agreed to work with the team on a future tutorial for these kind of particle effects, so we hope to be able to reveal more soon about how these effects can be achieved in your own projects with Away3D.