Yeah initial example with 4 bordercontainers 1 x camera view, top grid, font grid and side grid

Software: Away3D 4.x

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Posted: 20 February 2016 11:18 PM   Total Posts: 16

Hello guys,

I am very happy now because i have tried since my old post from here ( Away3D Forum ) But they don’t know what is 4-viewer like other 3D editor-like Valve Hammer Editor or CAD Applications…

Yeah SpriteVisualElement draws so faster than Flash Player 12. I am using Adobe Air 20 and Flash Player 20. I don’t know because SpriteVisualElement can draw with Sprite to up 32768 or greater. Wow I am very surpised because Flex SDK 15.0 has power to load. wow


It is example for 4 viewers. Yeah i am very happy now because Flex SDK 15.0 has new high preference.

I am using SpriteVisualElement with Away3D View3D and Sprite. smile

Thanks for seeing about 4 viewers




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