Away3D Forum 0 Copyright (c) 2021 ExpressionEngine,2021:02:03 Need your critic,2018:forum/viewthread/.6340 2018-07-28T16:01:30Z 0 lilia1996 Hi there , what you think about my work? It’s Motorhomes Layouts 3D Design
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What will be the core idea of 3D printing technology?,2021:forum/viewthread/.6381 2021-02-03T05:18:43Z 0 cadmodeling 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to processes used to create a three-dimensional object in whichs layers of material are formed under computer control to create an object.

3d printer how it works ?
The 3D printing process turns a whole object into thousands of tiny little slices, then makes it from the bottom-up, slice by slice. Those tiny layers stick together to form a solid object. Each layer can be very complex, meaning 3D printer can create moving parts like hinges and wheels as part of the same object.

1. Custom-made, or customized small objects, made on-the-spot. Whether it is a small commemorative trinket, or a light switch made to order, we are already past “early adopter” stage here. Majority of people realize this is an option now, many people have a friend with a 3D printer or know there are businesses doing this.

2. Fast prototyping. It’s nice to get an idea of how something will look and feel, before you commit to making it, be it a raspberry pi case or a tablet. 3D printing offers fast and easy and cheap mockups. That’s significant. 3d printing delhi ncr mumbai pune maharashtra india

the ONLY area where 3D printing is better than traditional manufacturing methods is there are no startup costs. No startup costs has the following consequences
1. cheaper manufacturing on small production runs
2. no penalties to changing the design
3. generally faster turnaround on small production runs.

However, it should be noted that 3D printing is generally worse than traditional methods in these other areas:
1. more expensive on larger production runs
2. currently less able to achieve detail or surface finish without additional fabrication steps
3. takes more time per-unit than a fully set-up production line

When you look at the pros and cons, aside from fast-iteration prototyping for engineering companies, the only other major application for 3D printing would be made-to-order and fully-customized parts through 3d printing machines.


Prosthetics and other 3d printing medical equipment like braces, casts, and organ scaffolds are candidates for receiving the benefit for 3D printing.


Devices used by humans ranging from electronics like mice and gamepads, to the controls, and seats of a car, could benefit from 3D printing and full customization 3d printing engineering projects.

Things that we wear, such as jewellery, glasses, and even shoes would also benefit. Anyone whose measurements are outside the “standard” sizes and size variants will attest that it can be very difficult finding items that fit. 3D printing would ensure perfect fits every time, regardless of what your measurements were.
investment casting - custom 3d printed jewelry

FBX File Support,2017:forum/viewthread/.6210 2017-03-26T23:42:31Z 0 therealloft This week i have decided to create a fbx binary parser for away3d 4.1

So far it only imports geometries data, cameras and lights.

i was wondering although i think i know what the answer is who wants a copy when its done?

BLUEPRINT - MODELS - TEXTURES AND TEXTURES PACK,2013:forum/viewthread/.4513 2013-05-20T06:29:48Z 2013-05-20T06:37:48Z Luca BLUEPRINT, MODELS:


Google image search smile



Earthquake Safety Program Highlights - 3D video,2016:forum/viewthread/.6124 2016-07-13T20:24:38Z 2016-07-13T20:29:08Z Eden Scott Just like to share one of our work.. Earthquake Safety Program Highlights - 3D video. Hope you enjoy it.. any feedback will be highly appreciate it.




Will there ever be an update?,2016:forum/viewthread/.6186 2016-12-01T00:28:28Z 0 therealloft seems like we have all waited for what seems years for an update on the actionscript 3.0 version of away3d and with all the cool features adobe is now adding to the runtime such as async texture uploading, instanced drawing etc. it would be nice to see these added, as well as fbx file support and deferred rendering. Part of me thinking of starting my own engine based off away3d’s, and redesigning the whole thing from scratch as i feel this engine really is starting to die.

Been a While,2019:forum/viewthread/.6376 2019-06-10T06:15:42Z 0 therealloft Hi everyone, been a while since i been on here, sad to see no further progress on away3d for over two years with some of the stuff adobe released for the platform, such as vertex texture fetching, vsync, 8k textures with more memory allowances.

Shame really as this still has potential to be a really decent render engine


How to get UV coordinates of mesh,2017:forum/viewthread/.6255 2017-07-06T12:55:31Z 0 saadaftab90 Hi all.

I already know that I can get UVs by using event:MouseEvent3D. event.uv is returning the same results what I need. But the problem is in my project I can’t use MouseEvent3D.

So is there any function which returns UV of a mesh ?

I can guess it’s called ‘unprojection’. But the function ‘unproject’ is only available for View3D & it’s not resolving my issue I want to unproject a mesh. I want UVs of that mesh.

Help please I’m searching for the solution since a last month :(

Edit video software help,2019:forum/viewthread/.6360 2019-02-15T04:00:34Z 2019-02-19T01:52:48Z fiorasyndra1 Zombie Puzzle Panic- Addictive Game like Candy Crush Saga

When it comes to gameplay, Zombie Puzzle Panic is quite similar to Candy Crush Saga; however, its design and items are really impressive. 


Have you ever thought about scary zombies and sweet candies in one game? In my case, I probably just think of Halloween. This combination sounds crazy; but it’s really interesting in a funny puzzle game called Zombie Puzzle Panic. Right from the first time you play, you might recognize that the gameplay is relatively similar to Candy Crush; but the sweet candies here are replaced by fuel tank, bullet box, zoombies, etc. 

In this Puzzle game offline, players do not spend hours on getting familiar to the new gameplay because this game stills has a 3-match rule. Instead of connecting candies and diamonds together, you have to connect gas tanks, bullet boxes around a zombie location. The player will still find a way to create at least 3 similar items into straight lines and horizontal lines in order to earn as many points as possible. But more than playing to get high scores and then compare to friends, players will meet different challenging tasks. 

The zombies are always mentioned in horror topics but in Zombie Puzzle Panic, their designs are quite cute and small. Because it is an entertaining game, the sounds is also playful, which inspires all players. 

If you are tired of the colorful candies,then Zombie Puzzle Panic is a good alternative for gamers who love this genre.

Tips to make it easier to overcome challenges

1. Master the moves

There are many super-hard levels that are sophisticated tasks but only provide few moves. Then you have to make a calculation carefully in order to create as many combos of items as possible. The more combos you make, the higher the score you earn, and the easier it is to complete the mission. With this tactic, even Puzzle game hard can’t make you confused. 

2. Don’t follow the suggestions

The hints will appear if you don’t move from time to time, but it’s completely random rather than the best way to move. Therefore, sometimes, following a suggestion will ruin your whole tactics. 

3. Don’t rush to receive donated moves from friends

 Zombie Puzzle Panic is very interactive, so you can give your friends free gifts like +3 move or life. But this game can only store up to 5 lives, so when you receive lives from your friends, don’t accept immediately. When you enter the game and run out of life, it’s time to click on “gifts” and enjoy on

4. Use supported items reasonably 

When you finish one level, generally, you might receive some rewards to support you through the next. Use them smartly; or else you won’t take advantage. Also you can buy more items in the shop; but this is not highly recommended in each Puzzle Game To Play. 

In conclusion 

If you are a big fan of 3-match genre,  Zombie Puzzle Panic surely is worth your time. The similar gameplay and distinctive design are enough to get your attraction. 



The CGTrader Digital Art Competition,2018:forum/viewthread/.6306 2018-03-19T17:51:45Z 0 CGTrader CGTrader, the world’s largest database of 3D models and CG community, has introduced the Digital Art Competition, which invites all digital artists (both 2D and 3D): !

Submit your best artworks to the following corresponding categories: Character Illustration, Character Concept Design, Environment Illustration, Environment Concept Design, Object Design, and Object Concept Design. Contestants will also have the opportunity to win the Public Award.

The CGTrader Digital Art Competition offers artists exposure in our 1.2M+ designer community and the chance to win prizes worth a total of $60,000.

There are no entry fees, and artworks do not have to be created exclusively for the competition, so feel free to show everyone your best and favourite works. For more details, visit the competition page and be sure to check out the Categories & Prizes section!