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Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 10 February 2016 01:04 PM   Total Posts: 137

Hi Away3D Team,
With the rebranding of Adobe Flash to Adobe Animate, I would like to know if Adobe has something planned for Away3D (or AwayJS) in terms of enhancements or a more direct integration with Adobe Animate.
I see a lot of new features about 2D animation, 2D bones, HTML5 compatibility, etc. but none about 3D. Did they forgot about it or it is not a feature they are interested in? Maybe something planned for the Gaming SDK?
I know you are busy, but it would help to maintain the spirit of Away3D developers if were assured new things are in preparation, to know that the Away3D’s heart still beating. The last “Updates” post is from August 2014.


tsuchan, Newbie
Posted: 10 February 2016 01:21 PM   Total Posts: 4   [ # 1 ]

I agree.  Keeping with an Adobe/Away3D solution is a career development decision, and a commercial assessment about the future of the software development platform. 

Developers and software companies have to make regular milestone decisions for new and existing products, of whether to choose/continue with Adobe, or make a strategic switch to Unity3D.



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