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Posted: 08 April 2015 10:28 AM   Total Posts: 13

Dear fellow developers,

I am pleased to announce the release of my application TapTab Controller.

TapTab Controller is an iOS / Android application for game developers and flash applications.
This is a control surface that will allow your players / users to interact with your application from their smartphone or tablet using the wireless network.

With a few lines of code you connect to a TapTab Controller.
With some lines of xml you describe the layout of the desired controller.
A few more lines of code to send the configuration to TapTab Controller and you begin to receive the user’s actions on his device.

Very quickly you get a joypad for your game: 1 analog stick left, 1 button A and button B on the right.

But you can do more!
Use the GesturePad component and the possibilities of multitouch (swipes, zoom, rotation ...).
Use the device gyroscope.
Create layouts that will be displayed at your request. If your game has several gameplays your controller can adapt.

Create multi-player games easily:
With the democratization of smartphones and tablets, everyone potentially has a controller for your game in his pocket. And the API allows you to manage multiple controllers simultaneously.
You can now create multiplayer flash games on a single screen without being restricted to a single keyboard, for a potentially unlimited number of players.

Add immersion and fun to your application:
Customize your controls
Add a picture of your creation in the background of your layouts.
Trigger the vibrate on the user’s smartphone.
Trigger your sounds on the device of the user.
Display the score or any other information on the player device.

And I forgot:
It is free!
It is already available on the Apple App Store and Google Play
AS3 library is available on Github
This is documented, code samples, a mailing list.

To give you an idea, I invite you to install on your smartphone TapTab Controller now and in parallel to get at http://taptab-controller.com/find-games/ where you’ll find several compatible applications.
Make sure that your smartphone and your computer are connected to the same local network.
Attention to corporate networks, the connection type or the port used by TapTab Controller could be blocked.

Of course, if you develop an application that uses TapTab Controller, please let me know, I might add a link to it in the website.

TapTab Controller will evolve, including new types of controls available. So do not hesitate to send me your ideas and debate on the mailing list.


Happy coding smile



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