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Totologic, Newbie
Posted: 21 September 2014 05:23 AM   Total Posts: 2

(sorry for double post, but looks like previewing is same as posting…)


I am looking for someone interested by a collaboration about procedural level generation.

I have developed an open source library called Daedalus Lib.
Daedalus Lib on google code

Briefly, Daedalus Lib is about dynamic constrained Delaunay triangulation and pathfinding.

With that, I experiment the ways to proceduraly generate interesting and challenging game level.

Some examples:
Triangulated circular maze generation

Dungeon map generator

So now I wonder if someone with good Away3D skills would be interested to experiment some ways to render that on screen.


theMightyAtom, Sr. Member
Posted: 23 September 2014 09:21 AM   Total Posts: 669   [ # 1 ]

That looks very interesting indeed smile
Thanks for making this available.

Right now I’m working on other stuff, but will gladly try this out next time a relevant project arises.




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