Exporting Vertex Animation from Maya 2013 to Away Builder

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markoos22, Newbie
Posted: 10 September 2014 11:47 AM   Total Posts: 2


I’ve managed to export working skeletal animation and a model from Maya 2013 without much difficulty. Unfortunately I have a deformer animating my mesh and I need to get that animation to Away Builder.

The question I have is whether you can export baked vertex animation using the Maya 2013 plugin for a Vertex Animation Set in Away Builder? I’ve baked it in Maya using Edit>Keys>Bake Simulation but there’s nothing in the animation dropdown in Away Builder as there is in an import with skeletal animation.

When I export a mesh with a skeleton from Maya it plays through the animation but doesn’t seem to with the baked animation. I’ve checked the Include UV Animation option in the exporter dialogue but it seems to make no difference.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance



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