Away3D Forum 0 Copyright (c) 2017 ExpressionEngine,2017:06:30 Problems converting .dae to awd,2017:forum/viewthread/.6219 2017-04-30T17:18:36Z 0 Fred Hi,

I’m trying to convert a .dae file, exported from Blender, to .awd using Away Builder. The file uses skeleton animation and I’ve managed to imported it correctly into the Away Builder and played the animation, but when I save the file as .awd and try to re open it, I get an error#1034 and the scene is not loaded.

If I import the file and save it, without attaching the animation into the model, I can open it fine, but as soon I try to attach the animation a get the error#1034 again.

I’m attaching the .dae file I’m using for the test, can you help me on this matter?

Thank you in advance.

awaybuilder file (awd) no colour,2016:forum/viewthread/.6162 2016-09-05T00:31:43Z 0 mkfui sir, my awd file look grayscale, i try other awd in PrimitveExamples, like primitives_capsule.awd, they look colourful when fill it in colour, but when it texture it with jpeg file they look grayscale, why ? shall i use png, or 16bit, 24 bit, 32bit jpeg ? or i omit to import some code ?

package {
import away3d.containers.View3D;
import away3d.debug.AwayStats;
import away3d.entities.Mesh;
import away3d.library.AssetLibrary;
import away3d.library.assets.AssetType;
import away3d.loaders.Loader3D;
import away3d.loaders.misc.AssetLoaderContext;
import away3d.loaders.parsers.AWD1Parser;
import away3d.loaders.parsers.AWD2Parser;
import away3d.loaders.parsers.Parsers;
import away3d.materials.ColorMaterial;
import away3d.materials.TextureMaterial;
import away3d.materials.*;
import away3d.textures.*;

import flash.display.Sprite;

import flash.display.StageAlign;
import flash.display.StageScaleMode;


[SWF(width=“320”, height=“240”, backgroundColor=“0x2f3032”, frameRate=“30”, quality=“LOW”)]

public class AWDViewer extends Sprite {
  private var _view:View3D;
  private var awayStats:AwayStats;

  public function AWDViewer() {
      stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, onResize);
  stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;
  stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
  stage.showDefaultContextMenu = true;
  stage.stageFocusRect = false;
  _view = new View3D();
      _view.backgroundColor = 0x666666;
      _view.antiAlias = 2;
      addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onEnterFrame);

      [Embed(source=’/../embeds/plancam.awd’, mimeType=“application/octet-stream”)]
      var object:Class;
      AssetLibrary.addEventListener(AssetEvent.ASSET_COMPLETE, onAssetComplete);
      AssetLibrary.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.RESOURCE_COMPLETE, onResourceComplete);
      AssetLibrary.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.LOAD_ERROR, onLoadError);
      AssetLibrary.loadData(object, new AssetLoaderContext(false));

      awayStats = new AwayStats(_view);

sir, what’s wrong ?
  private function onAssetComplete(ev:AssetEvent):void {
      if (ev.asset.assetType == AssetType.MESH) {
        var mesh : Mesh;
        var texMat : TextureMaterial;

        mesh = Mesh(ev.asset);
        texMat = mesh.material as TextureMaterial;

        if (mesh.material == null || (texMat && texMat.texture == null))
          mesh.material = new ColorMaterial(Math.random() * 0xffffff);



  private function onLoadError(ev:LoaderEvent):void {
      trace(‘Could not find’, ev.url);

  private function onResourceComplete(ev : LoaderEvent) : void
      trace(‘onResourceComplete’, ev.url);

  private function onEnterFrame(ev : Event) : void

  private function onResize(event:Event = null):void {
      _view.width = stage.stageWidth;
      _view.height = stage.stageHeight;
      awayStats.x = stage.stageWidth - awayStats.width;



loading Obj model exported from blender,2015:forum/viewthread/.5946 2015-09-09T02:34:06Z 0 cheong12001 I am dealing with AWD format, i try the awayBuilder and load the original OBJ Model with matched mtl file which exported from blender. however, the texture loaded correctly in blender but not awayBuilder. what it the problem of my steps, do i need to associate the mtl file in the away builder? Thank you in advanced. the Obj model with associated mtl files i used in awayBuilder is uploaded:

Texture Quality Degrades After File Saved,2015:forum/viewthread/.5945 2015-09-08T17:02:35Z 0 Widesky Hi,

Loaded OBJ file into Away Builder V1.0.0 Gold, applied texture / material - texture looks fine.

Saved file, loaded file back in - texture looks pixelated and poor quality.

Tried changing general settings / compression / material settings / anything else I could find!  But none of them make any difference.

Anyone have any idea how to stop this?

Example image attached.

Thanks in advance!

What have I done wrong ?,2015:forum/viewthread/.5941 2015-09-06T07:23:31Z 2015-09-06T10:24:37Z O_MEGA Dear Awaybuilder users , I installed Awaybuilder gold 1.0.0 version and then I followed this( tutorial’s instructions .
I created an AS3 project in Flashdevelope and used the tuturial’s file but when I run it I get an error
“[Fault] exception, information=Error: Error #2032: Stream Error. “

What have I done wrong ?
Some told me there are 2 Awaybuilders out there , and told me not to confuse them.

what is/are your suggestion/s?

Help with export to AS3 class,2015:forum/viewthread/.5922 2015-08-03T21:20:07Z 0 Leroy Isbell Hello All,
I am new to programming with Flashdev and Away3d. So I am still in the learning process.

The problem I am having is the process of exporting a awd or a export with a class from Prefab to load into Flashdev to compile an output.
I have looked all over the web for a example or a tutorial on a complete process of importing your model and exporting and loading in to code with no luck.

Could someone point me on the right path.

thanks in advance,

Camera View,2015:forum/viewthread/.5900 2015-07-06T11:20:30Z 0 movieclip I have a camera in the scene. Can I change view mode to camera? Or set point of view exactly in camera position (how about fov)?

Export method of skeleton with animation in 3dsmax2014,2015:forum/viewthread/.5912 2015-07-15T07:28:51Z 0 K-ryo Using the plug-in awayextensions3dsmax
And we have the animation writing with a bone, but it does not export well. Do not you tell me how an object is exported?

Development environment 3dsmax2014

AwayBuilder as a level editor ?,2013:forum/viewthread/.4497 2013-05-17T15:25:34Z 2013-05-17T15:36:20Z SuperSam Hi !

First of all, congrats on making up this tool! Away3D’s ecosystem is getting richer month after month. smile

I have a little question. Can this tool be used as a level editor ? Maybe not now, but in a future version ?

It is rather tough to find 3D level editors. Often times you have to build your own, which takes time and so is costly. Publicly available ones are usually tied to one engine (i.e. not Away3D :p) and are not flexible, because they work for specific types of games only, instead of just using the core rendering engine to layout assets, terrain, sounds and enable custom game-dependent properties on the side.

Plus, they’re not open source, so can’t be tweaked to add custom features to take advantage of specific game functionalities.

AwayBuilder sounds like an awesome opportunity to make the ultimate 3D level editor. No ?

You guys describe it as “a designer interface for accessing the visual stack in Away3D”, which sounds almost like a level editor, so it left me wondering. Though to be one, it would need to support terrain generation and editing among other things, but maybe that’s on the todo…
If not, is there any other such tool planned ?

PS: Terrain generation based on Phyre Engine’s technique would be awesome in AwayBuilder. Every single point listed in the “Goals” section is exactly what I’m looking for! smile

Textures won’t apply in .awd,2015:forum/viewthread/.5782 2015-02-09T02:53:27Z 2015-02-09T02:59:38Z SteamNGears Hey, I have a model that I am exporting from Away Builder and for some reason when I import it to away3d, the texture I made won’t load in. The texture shows up correctly in Away Builder, and material is correct based on the following trace statements:

trace(;   //prints: "MyMaterial"
trace(TextureMaterial(mesh.material);   //prints "defaultTexture" 

I have also selected “embed textures” but with no luck.

Here is the loading code:

Loader3D.enableParser(AWDParser);//allow for awd import
this._roboLoader = new Loader3D(false);
this._roboLoader.load(new URLRequest('Models/Robot/Robot.awd'), new AssetLoaderContext(false)); 

When asset loading is complete

private function onAssetComplete(ev AssetEvent) : void
if (ev.asset.assetType == AssetType.MESH
var mesh Mesh;
texMat TextureMaterial;
mesh Mesh(ev.asset);
texMat mesh.material as TextureMaterial;
     if (
mesh.material == null || (texMat && texMat.texture == null))
mesh.material = new ColorMaterial(Math.random() * 0xffffff);
trace("Did not apply Dummy material");

And when complete:

private function onResourceComplete(ev LoaderEvent) : void

Am doing something wrong in Away Builder? If I embed the textures I shouldn’t have to load them separately right? If you need any more info let me know.
Thanks in advance.