Help compiling the builder from GIT sources in FDT

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rdoi, Member
Posted: 10 September 2014 08:02 PM   Total Posts: 86

I am trying to compile the AB from the GIT sources, but the code comes with a lot of issues, and my FDT refuses to compile it.

So, I got the CORE and DESKTOP, setup those projects accordingly, and tried downgrading to (Apache) Flex 4.9.1 + Air 3.7 and tested with some back releases of Away 4.x but with no success.

Could some project dev guide me to get it compiled?

I suspect there were some code improvements since the last release, but the whole code base was not updated properly in the main repository.

Example of issues:
* explicit casting missing
* misplaced namespaces (spark..Spacer/Parallel instead of mx..Spacer/Parallel)
* private code outside packages declarations
* miss class: DocumentSettingsWindow
* etc

Anyway, I just want the AW with the latest fixes.

Any help?



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