Shadow Method set Null with one light in MultiPass crash the AwayBuilder

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AlexisCuba, Newbie
Posted: 30 January 2014 06:18 PM   Total Posts: 2

1. Load a obj model or another type.
2. Set a new material. By default SinglePass is check.
3. Add new LightPicker.
4. Add a directional light to LightPicker and check Cath shadow.
5. Add a Shadow Method(Soft) to directional light.
6. Back to Material windows.
7. In material windows is default Shadow Light and Shadow Method to Null.
8. Now change SinglePass to MultiPass.
9. AwayBuilder don’t stop to show errors.

This work bad is the user don’t change Shadow Light.
Is I touch the Shadow Light and select Directional Light and back again to set Null, I can set MultiPass happy and safetly.

Some time if I forget that I lost all setting job.

Regards Alexis smile

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