Away3D Forum Away3D Forum en Copyright 2019 2019-04-08T07:07:33+00:00 LZMA bug? <p>Hello,</p> <p>I’m testing some things with the Away Builder Live Tool, and when I save a model with LZMA compression enabled, it doesn’t save out the 4-byte uncompressed size at the beginning of the LZMA buffer.</p> <p>This is different from the Away3D SDK C++, which does save out the 4-byte uncompressed size. Also, when I use the SDK to write a LZMA compressed file, and try to open it into the Away Builder Live Tool, I get an Error #1000, which locks up my browser.</p> <p>Is this a bug with the Away Builder Live Tool?</p> <p>Or has anything changed with the way LZMA files are written since the SDK was released?</p> <p>Thanks</p> 2014-01-29T11:18:52+00:00 Material Attributes Not Saving <p>When trying to create a material using AwayBuilder, setting some attributes like Ambient or Specular level to 0 then saving, upon reloading you still get the default 1.0.</p> <p>I’m using AwayBuilder 1.0 Gold, example scene attached.</p> 2016-03-31T05:09:09+00:00 No camera, no lights <p>I create plane, camera and light in Away Builder.<br /> After loading AWD file in project, I have:</p> <p>for (var i:int = 0; i &lt; scene.numChildren; i++) {&nbsp; <br /> &nbsp; var obj:* =&nbsp; scene.getChildAt(i);<br /> <br /> // depth, class, name, numChildren<br /> trace (i, obj,, obj.numChildren);<br /> }</p> <p>traces:</p> <p>0 [object ObjectContainer3D] DirectionalLight1 0<br /> 1 [object Mesh] Mesh1 0<br /> 2 [object ObjectContainer3D] Camera1 0</p> <p>Camera and Light is empty containers and (obj as Camera3D) return null.</p> <p>* yes, I see mesh, it correctly added to scene</p> 2015-07-06T14:04:42+00:00 Shadow Method set Null with one light in MultiPass crash the AwayBuilder <p>Step: <br /> 1. Load a obj model or another type.<br /> 2. Set a new material. By default SinglePass is check.<br /> 3. Add new LightPicker.<br /> 4. Add a directional light to LightPicker and check Cath shadow.<br /> 5. Add a Shadow Method(Soft) to directional light.<br /> 6. Back to Material windows.<br /> 7. In material windows is default Shadow Light and Shadow Method to Null.<br /> 8. Now change SinglePass to MultiPass.<br /> 9. AwayBuilder don’t stop to show errors.</p> <p> This work bad is the user don’t change Shadow Light.<br /> Is I touch the Shadow Light and select Directional Light and back again to set Null, I can set MultiPass happy and safetly.</p> <p> Some time if I forget that I lost all setting job.</p> <p> Regards Alexis <img src="/images/smileys/smile.gif" width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" /></p> 2014-01-30T18:18:04+00:00 New SkeletonAnimationSet() without jointsPerVertex config panel? <p>In the awaybuilder,if new SkeletonAnimationSet(),it seems jointsPerVertex will be 4.And we have nowhere to set the value.</p> 2014-01-04T01:36:34+00:00 skeleton animator timeline bug <p>When importing an md5anim the animation will “start” at a random time, meaning that when the timeline on the skeleton animator is set to zero, the animation will be set to begin at a random frame. Ideally animations should always start at frame 0, yes? Has anyone else noticed this?</p> 2013-08-23T00:03:11+00:00 RimLightMethod parameters <p>Away Builder doesn’t save properly RimLightMethod’s parameters.<br /> “Power” field doesn’t affect stored power value.<br /> Instead of this, value from “Strength” field rewrites power value.</p> <p>To reproduce this bug just add RimLightMethod to any material.<br /> Set strength to 0.35, for example, and leave power unchanged.<br /> Save file and reopen it. Now check power value! It’s equal to strength!</p> <p>Loading *.awd files in AS causes the same result. Maybe this problem occurs while loading.</p> 2013-08-07T13:15:31+00:00 Away Builder not saving geometry <p>In Away Builder</p> <p>Create some VERY SIMPLE geometry:</p> <p>1) Create a Sphere (Geometry)<br /> 2) Create a new Scene Object - Mesh - and use the Geometry created in step #1.<br /> 3) Save to a test.awd file</p> <p> try to load this .awd file in Away3d. It uses the AWD2Parser but it dies because the geometry data is always null.</p> <p>in put a debug breakpoint at line 668. Check _blocks[3], this should contain the geometry data. It is always null.</p> <p>If you attach a material/texture to the mesh, the texture save/loads from Away Builder into Away 3d, but the geometry is always null.</p> <p>Bug with latest build? or am I doing something wrong?</p> 2013-07-15T01:19:10+00:00 Bugs!? <p>Hi!, I have a few problems with AwayBuilder:</p> <p>1 - When I manage my materials and then save the awd file, using the latest version of away3d, isn’t resolving the material correctly. In this case was a simple red lambert, but in the swf is showing me a white material.</p> <p>2 - When I copy and paste some model on the editor and save the awd, the file save some material properties problems. </p> <p>3 - Sometimes when I apply “effects” on the materials, this effects aren’t listed in the “effects list”</p> <p>4 - I don’t know why when I save the awd file my textures goes low-quality denoting a lot of pixelation.</p> <p>Any? :(</p> <p>Cheers.</p> 2013-07-08T16:02:35+00:00 Installer doesn’t…install? <p>Is it just me having problems installing the latest release 0.9.4?</p> <p>I had AIR 3.7 beta. I removed it, restarted my computer and installed AIR 3.7 (stable).</p> <p>Upon launching the .air installer of Away Builder 0.9.4 I get the following error (I’m translating it from Italian):</p> <p>“An error occured.</p> <p>It is not possible to install the application because the installation program is not configured correctly. Contact the author of the application to request support.”</p> <p><br /> I was trying to upgrade to 0.9.4 from 0.9.3 since I am having numerous problems (renaming elements requires me typing the names in the wordpad and then copy/pasting them to AB… and I am getting the error 1009 all the time now, I’ve tried exporting my mesh in any possible way, but AB simply doesn’t seem to like it… as soon as I try moving it inside a Container3D it crashes).</p> 2013-07-03T14:46:20+00:00