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gonmiguel, Newbie
Posted: 03 January 2014 11:05 PM   Total Posts: 13

Hi everyone.
I´m another time around away3d and i´m having an issue.

I´m able to export from awaybuilder and load in away3d with:

_loader.load( new URLRequest('cube.awd') ); 

With an event listener, i can the listen the object mesh:



if (event.asset.assetType == AssetType.MESH{
var mesh:Mesh event.asset as Mesh;

    if( == "sphere2"){
event.asset as Mesh;

And the i can move that object in my project with keyboard.

My problem, is if the object got more than 1 mesh, and if i want to be able to move or interact with that object what´s the best way to do it in away3d? (eg: a car , a airoplane, etc..)

Load the object differently ? Model it differently ? How to assign a away3d var to that object ?

Thanks for all your good work.




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