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Jeff Ibacache, Newbie
Posted: 08 July 2013 04:02 PM   Total Posts: 2

Hi!, I have a few problems with AwayBuilder:

1 - When I manage my materials and then save the awd file, using the latest version of away3d, isn’t resolving the material correctly. In this case was a simple red lambert, but in the swf is showing me a white material.

2 - When I copy and paste some model on the editor and save the awd, the file save some material properties problems.

3 - Sometimes when I apply “effects” on the materials, this effects aren’t listed in the “effects list”

4 - I don’t know why when I save the awd file my textures goes low-quality denoting a lot of pixelation.

Any? :(



80prozent, Sr. Member
Posted: 09 July 2013 11:19 PM   Total Posts: 430   [ # 1 ]


I think problem #1 and #3 are allready solved in the latest version.

can you be more specific about problem #2 ?
what material-properties are making problems ?

about #4: textures should not get pixelated by awayBuilder. The encoder saves png for bitmaps with transparenzy, and jpg for bitmaps without.
the qualtiy of the jpg-encoder is at its default (80). i dont think that this compression is really reducing the qualtiy of the textures.
I can remember having a texture getting pixelated by awayBuilder a while ago too. I dont know why this happent than, but it hasnt happend again yet.
If you can reproduce the issue, please let me know.


sorry…i hope my actionscript is better than my english…


SuperSam, Sr. Member
Posted: 11 July 2013 08:24 AM   Total Posts: 102   [ # 2 ]

@80prozent: Now that you mention it, adding an option to change the default 80% quality for the JPG encoder could be nice smile


80prozent, Sr. Member
Posted: 11 July 2013 09:46 AM   Total Posts: 430   [ # 3 ]

Hi sam

I think you are right, and we should add a stepper for the jpg-quality to the global options. 
Reason for the missing option is that there is no propety for this in the awd file…so atm we will not be able to restore the option after importing a awd file. Most of the other global options are stored as bitflags (boolean) in the awd file header, but since this option needs to be a number, we cannot put it as bitflag in the header…..
I will think about a solution….


sorry…i hope my actionscript is better than my english…



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