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add_fbx_plz, Newbie
Posted: 12 June 2013 12:31 PM   Total Posts: 6

i’m pissed off , i can’t use away 3D because it has no exporter for maya that works

all there is a retarded python exporter for .md5 models ( ... wtf ? )
and prefab3d does not even support animations

there is basically no way to export animations from maya 2013
this is unacceptable

exporting bone based models is the most basic feature there should be in any legit 3d engine

i don’t want moronic third party apps to build “scenes”

i want something to read fbx files from maya , that’s all

please add an fbx import/exporter that works with maya , thanks by advance


John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 12 June 2013 02:05 PM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 1 ]

See koga post and mine

Been using it since koga posted.


add_fbx_plz, Newbie
Posted: 12 June 2013 02:08 PM   Total Posts: 6   [ # 2 ]

thanks a lot , i’m gonna check if it works ...

okay i downloaded Koga’s version and i’m gonna re-upload it to another server just in case , cause i had problems to download it


Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 12 June 2013 02:28 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 3 ]

errrr, may I correct this: “prefab3d does not even support animations”

Prefab does load md5mesh+md5anim and it does play them, from there you can export as awd, as3 or md2. (The last two being converted to vectors animations).
If you drop a md5mesh file, Prefab will prompt you to drop the companion md5anim(s). To play them simply select the model and the player will showup. if it doesn’t, something was incorrect in md5anim files or no md5anim files were provided.
It also loads/plays bones anims from Collada’s and awd’s 2.0 (soon 2.1).

I understand your frustration, but because you use an app that is one huge desaster when it comes to import/export, doesn’t mean other apps are moronic.

FBX is on my wish list as well tho…


add_fbx_plz, Newbie
Posted: 12 June 2013 02:35 PM   Total Posts: 6   [ # 4 ]

ookay i got it working thanks a lot everybody

sorry Fabrice
i might not be the best person to make assumptions about implementing this feature, but it should be a big priority, i’m aware that fbx support is extremely crappy, as it it’snt open source contrary to collada , but it’s always a hassle when trying to work with something else than unity


Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 12 June 2013 02:50 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 5 ]

Problem is that we have only big priorities smile
And we can add them only one at a time!


add_fbx_plz, Newbie
Posted: 12 June 2013 02:59 PM   Total Posts: 6   [ # 6 ]

sorry, it does not work yet..

the AWD plugin only makes 0kb files, with this error :

// Error: line 0: RuntimeError: file c:\buildforge\Maya_2013_Win64\build\wrk\optim\runTime\Python\Lib\site-packages\maya\ line 9957: (kInvalidParameter): Object does not exist //

i’m now trying the collada exporter of Prefab3D ...

so, the 3d model loads well , but i don’t see the bones structure or the animations ... i don’t know…
the thing is , at this point i don’t want to express my frustrations because it’s not going to make it work anyway


add_fbx_plz, Newbie
Posted: 12 June 2013 03:05 PM   Total Posts: 6   [ # 7 ]

i really think a legit animation exporting solution for maya should be done

thanks for your time everybody



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