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Koga73, Newbie
Posted: 13 December 2012 10:25 PM   Total Posts: 13   [ # 31 ]

I had the hardest time getting the AWD2 exporter to work with Maya 2013 but after some time I was able to get it working.

I followed the build instructions and had to move files around as I went. Anyways I figured I would post my build of the Maya AWD2 Exporter for others.

Attached is a zip matching the folder structure of Maya 2013. Just copy and paste. No guarantees it will work for you as I put this zip together based on what I could tell changed within the Maya directory. It’s possible I may have missed something.

This build is for Maya running Python 2.6.4.

(sorry file was too big to upload to forum)



John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 13 December 2012 11:49 PM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 32 ]

Thankyou so much.
Been trying to compile that thing for so long and failed in so many ways.

All thats missing is the bin/plugins/
Add that and it works
Attached that.


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Austen, Newbie
Posted: 16 February 2013 04:07 AM   Total Posts: 21   [ # 33 ]

Hi there,
This is awesome you found a way for the awd exporter to work with Maya, thank you so much.

But whenever i add a texture to my mesh in maya and export it to awd, i can’t load it in my as3 project anymore… have you heard somethin about it?



Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 16 February 2013 09:08 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 34 ]

What is the error that you get? If you want a bit of help, we need more than “I can’t load it anymore”...
Have you set an error listener? You are sure the url is correct? Are your maps power of 2 sized? etc…



Alex Bogartz, Sr. Member
Posted: 18 February 2013 03:08 AM   Total Posts: 216   [ # 35 ]

I’ve been “away” from “Away” for a while, but what is the state of the Blender exporter?  I can’t find much on Google.  Right now, it seems like the only way to export animations from Blender is to use MD5, and that seems to have all kinds of weird issues because of the skeletal translations. 

Is there a way to export directly to AWD2 yet?



John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 18 February 2013 08:31 AM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 36 ]


Only lambert with color texture/file input are supported.
None of the other stuff will be exported.

Although you can open the and add
line 582
if state_type == ‘lambert’ or state_type == ‘blinn’ or state_type == ‘phong’:

but none of the settings are passed (Bump specular etc)



Austen, Newbie
Posted: 03 March 2013 02:29 PM   Total Posts: 21   [ # 37 ]

Hey again,
Sorry for my lateness, been busy. I’m back on Away!
Here are some infos :

I have 2 meshes created in Maya, exported in the same folder.
- building1.awd (with a 512*512 jpg texture)
- building2.awd (without texture)

Here is a part of my test code :

private var BldMd:Class; 
private function createWorld():void
for(var cw:int=0cw<10cw++)
var road:Mesh = new Mesh(new PlaneGeometry(64,64), new ColorMaterial() );
AssetLibrary.addEventListenerAssetEvent.ASSET_COMPLETEonAssetComplete );
AssetLibrary.addEventListenerLoaderEvent.RESOURCE_COMPLETEonResourceComplete );
AssetLibrary.addEventListenerLoaderEvent.LOAD_ERRORonLoadError );
AssetLibrary.loadData(new BldMd() );
private function onAssetComplete(e:AssetEvent):void
(e.asset.assetType +" completed");
   if (
e.asset.assetType == AssetType.MESH{
var mesh:Mesh e.asset as Mesh;
gtrace("-> mesh created");
private function onResourceComplete(e:LoaderEvent):void
protected function onLoadError(e:LoaderEvent):void
private function showError(t:String):void

Building1 and building2 are in the same folder, the file is well located. Both of the meshes are exported exactly the same way ; i also tried with a white 16*16 texture ; away just seems to ignore the loading process…

Maybe i am doing something wrong… thanks for your lights. : )



Austen, Newbie
Posted: 03 March 2013 03:12 PM   Total Posts: 21   [ # 38 ]

O…. kay, i just figured out something.
The loading works fine with Internet Explorer, but nothing happens in Chrome. IE is supposed to suck. Any idea? : s



alitan, Newbie
Posted: 11 March 2013 05:22 PM   Total Posts: 15   [ # 39 ]

i am also wondering about the status of the AWD2.
Also, i really need max 2013 plugin.




lovelycoser, Newbie
Posted: 13 March 2013 09:27 AM   Total Posts: 1   [ # 40 ]

Wow, wonderful~~~



Koga73, Newbie
Posted: 28 October 2013 08:20 PM   Total Posts: 13   [ # 41 ]

Reuploading MayaAWDExporter for Maya 2013 x64:



Pagsli, Newbie
Posted: 10 November 2013 02:30 PM   Total Posts: 4   [ # 42 ]

I’ve got a problem with Maya2013 installation.
this is the error:

// Error: line 1: ImportError: file /Users/XXX/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2013-x64/scripts/pyawd/ line 1: cannot import name utils //
// Warning: line 1: Failed to run file: /Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/2013/plug-ins/ //
// Error: pymel : Failed to get controlCommand list from MayaAWDExporter //
// Error: pymel : Failed to get modelEditorCommand list from MayaAWDExporter //
// Error: pymel : Failed to get command list from MayaAWDExporter //
// Error: pymel : Failed to get constraintCommand list from MayaAWDExporter //
// Error: pymel.core : Failed to get depend nodes list from MayaAWDExporter //
// Error: line 1:  (MayaAWDExporter) //



John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 11 November 2013 01:05 AM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 43 ]

Try Mayas install folder (prog files) instead of users. Seem to remember someone having same issue.



Pagsli, Newbie
Posted: 12 November 2013 11:51 AM   Total Posts: 4   [ # 44 ]

mmm not yet…
I continue to have problems with installation, I don’t understand which files go where.



John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 12 November 2013 12:54 PM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 45 ]

Just paste the Autodesk folder from Kogas zip into
C:\Program Files\

That should be it.




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