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proftanda, Newbie
Posted: 02 April 2012 12:51 AM   Total Posts: 1


I’m a Sketchup user who’s just starting on a project using Away3D 3.6 and I’m looking for help with setting up a work flow for Sketchup 8 > Prefab > Away3d

So far, the best I’ve got is:

1. Export an .OBJ from Sketchup using TIJ’s OBJexporter plugin (Sketchup’s own OBJ export seems to create UV mapping anomalies)

2. Import the .OBJ into Blender

3. Re-export the .OBJ for Prefab

This seems to work so far on test models but it’s a little long winded.

I wondered if anyone can share their experiences for the best workflow using Sketchup? Are there any shortcuts to this or any gotchas that I might have to look out for?

Any help welcome!






FrankEnd, Newbie
Posted: 13 February 2013 05:54 PM   Total Posts: 9   [ # 1 ]

Sketchup 8 can export a collada file (dae) which can be imported directly into PreFab - or directly into Away3D come to that.


Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 13 February 2013 06:53 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 2 ]

thats correct, do not forget to export with triangulation option on, and ensure that your collada are 1.4.1 and not higher. 1.5 version is ignored for now.

Even if away makes it possible, I would avoid to use these dragons for your away projects. Use Prefab or your preffered alternative to convert to awd, as3, obj…



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