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dbow, Newbie
Posted: 29 December 2011 06:57 AM   Total Posts: 2


I’ve been recently using Prefab3D for creating paths. There is a video tutorial on Prefab3D website ( In that tutorial I see the path nodes being removed (video time 3:09) but I couldn’t find the right key shortcut to do this.

I’ve gone trough the Prefab3D top menu but I couldn’t find the “Help”.
Is there an official Prefab3D manual or cheatsheet?
I personally think a good manual would make Prefab3D far more valuable. Also, no one wants to search for hidden functionality, right?

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Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 02 January 2012 04:38 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 1 ]

Yes, it’s not very obvious but it’s in there…

in the PathEditor panel, when you click/select a point (yellow dots)
you can then hit the clear index btn. it will remove the unwanted segment from the path.
Entering any value from 0 to path end in numerical field will do too.
the stepper will ensure you cannot enter more than the path segment count.

“I personally think a good manual would make Prefab3D far more valuable”
I think so too… I’ll ask the doc department to work harder wink



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