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Jean Carlo Deconto, Newbie
Posted: 01 April 2012 01:37 PM   Total Posts: 29


We are creating here in Sunag one file format to bring more data files from 3dsMax. Implemented exporter of animation, bitmap, texture, material, geometry, skeleton (Skin), camera, light, environment and helper all in a single file.

- Procedural files and animation
- Instance geometry, material and texture
- Multiple channels geometry
- DetailMap, LightMap and BlendTexture
- Compress ZLib or Deflate
- Transparent materials and shadows threshold
- Environment
- Cubemap
- Binary format

It was necessary to implement some new features in Away3D, was also corrected the effect “mirrorX” geometry and animation from 3dsMax to MD5 last Away3D.

Project and source-code:

At the moment we are creating the tutorials and examples in AS3 platform.

I hope you enjoy.


Cheng Liao, Administrator
Posted: 01 April 2012 08:10 PM   Total Posts: 116   [ # 1 ]




Ringo Blanken, Administrator
Posted: 01 April 2012 09:01 PM   Total Posts: 120   [ # 2 ]

Cool, thanks for the share.

Did you need to add/modify a lot in the Away3d base ?





Jean Carlo Deconto, Newbie
Posted: 02 April 2012 08:34 PM   Total Posts: 29   [ # 3 ]

Liaocheng and Ringo thanks for the feedback.

Most of the modifications were in the area of animation.

More was something very small. By design uses Away3D starting the library here sea3d-away3d in the implementation of the bridge (SEA3D) between engine (Away3D).



Jean Carlo Deconto, Newbie
Posted: 20 April 2012 10:53 AM   Total Posts: 29   [ # 4 ]

Released a new version of the exporter.

News features:
- Export Normals
- Export Smoothing Groups
- Export Light Attenuation
- Auto Convert XYZ to XZY Euler Rotation
- Optimized Animation Loader


We’ve also added Augmented Reality (IN2AR Technology) in player and BloomFilter3D with lighten blend.

I hope you enjoy.



datouaizi, Member
Posted: 25 April 2012 06:28 AM   Total Posts: 98   [ # 5 ]

hello!i have a question. plane in you max file only have one face , if i have two or more subfaces in a plane ,each face has different texture (.jpg)  .
sea3d can load ?



Fathah Noor, Newbie
Posted: 25 April 2012 09:50 AM   Total Posts: 11   [ # 6 ]

Hi Jean, which version of 3dsMAX that is compatible with your exporter?
And can you explain more about the IN2AR implementation? I’m very interested on it.
Thanks a lot for this really great breakthrough for a more flawless exporting from 3dsMax to Away3D 4!



Jean Carlo Deconto, Newbie
Posted: 26 April 2012 07:24 AM   Total Posts: 29   [ # 7 ]

Hi Datouaizi. Yes for both mesh, instances and skeleton. I am attaching an example of Multi-Material.

Hi Fathah. Thanks for the compliment. The implementation was done in the player available in open-source. It is necessary to print the image the test available on the website of IN2AR to use Augmented Reality.

We publish a patch for the 3ds Max 9 that was 6 hours ago for download. Until then it was only compatible with version 3ds Max 2008 or higher.



File Attachments  (File Size: 16KB - Downloads: 364)

Fathah Noor, Newbie
Posted: 26 April 2012 09:35 AM   Total Posts: 11   [ # 8 ]

I get this error when exporting my model. Do you have a list of Dos and Don’ts in the 3D modeling process to be successfully exported to SEA3D?
ThxB4~ smile



kurono, Sr. Member
Posted: 26 April 2012 06:30 PM   Total Posts: 103   [ # 9 ]

Convert your 3d object to “EditableMesh” before exporting.



Fathah Noor, Newbie
Posted: 27 April 2012 01:40 AM   Total Posts: 11   [ # 10 ]

Our 3D modellers say that if this 3D model converted to editable mesh then they must repeat the skinning and animating process. Should such a thing?



Jean Carlo Deconto, Newbie
Posted: 27 April 2012 05:44 PM   Total Posts: 29   [ # 11 ]

I created a topic explaining the most common errors at the time of export Skin.

About the conversion is possible preserve skin and animation, I am sending a brief tutorial on attached.
Until the next version of SEA3D will be doing this conversion automatically.



Fathah Noor, Newbie
Posted: 30 April 2012 08:33 AM   Total Posts: 11   [ # 12 ]

Do you have any idea about this error?

• Error #unknown:-- Unknown property: "position" in $IKTarget:BantengRLegdepanPlatform @ [-16.905090,-43.763039,-0.000016] 



Jean Carlo Deconto, Newbie
Posted: 30 April 2012 06:16 PM   Total Posts: 29   [ # 13 ]

Hi Fathah!

Update your script!
Fixed bug in this last update.




ASWC, Member
Posted: 30 April 2012 11:14 PM   Total Posts: 76   [ # 14 ]

I must say thx a lot mate! The company I work for (they work with 3Dmax 2012 and Maya 2012) had tried all exporter possible (md5,md2,awd) and couldn’t make any work at all (all coming up with bunch of error or simply being over complicated and too time consuming to try to make them work). All expect yours which they installed easily and outputted a working file in 5 minutes. I had to modify my project of course but the work flow is simply the best.

Makes me think the promising awd format has probably no future if the awd exporter is not changed to something that ‘normal’ people can use. The .sea file format seems to be the best and most reasonable solution when working with Away3D so far. Easy exporter to plug into 3Dmax, simple and easy way to implement in code, you nailed it man.



Fathah Noor, Newbie
Posted: 01 May 2012 02:28 AM   Total Posts: 11   [ # 15 ]

Thanks a lot Jean now we can export the model to *.sea, but it looks strange at your SEA3D Player. Is there any suggestion about what we must revise from the 3D modelling process?

FYI: Our 3D modeller use CAT Rig and Skin.




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