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Posted: 09 July 2016 08:30 AM   Total Posts: 30

i am beginner for away3d, therefore not that understand about tutorial like “Cadet Engine Getting Set Up, Cadet Editor Editor Extensions”, i have made a few examples successfully, (build swf files) like behaviour & bunny mark, but not in planet & robot by using flashdev (but not by flash builder, first time i use it, i try to follow instruction in Cadet Engine Getting Set Up, but fail)

error massage like this appear, what this mean? i have to embed those cdt3d files ? any modified example ? D:\burn 9\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\src\core\app\util\swfClassExplorer\data\ col: 15 Warning: No constructor function was specified for class Traits. D:\cadet\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\CoreApp-as-0.4.2-beta\src\core\app\managers\fileSystemProviders\local\ col: 62 Error: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: File. public static function fileToURI( file:File, rootDirectory:File, fileSystemProviderID:String ):URI

can anyone send me the cadet3d editor together with custom extension (exported swf) & customised config.xml ? (since i cant’ make it by myself) .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

according to instruction, there are no cadet3d editor air file to download, i have to download cadet2d editor air file & customize it by myself ? am i right ?

how about core editor & cadet editor tutorial in github “”, open sources for customise extension ?

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