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mkfui, Newbie
Posted: 09 July 2016 08:27 AM   Total Posts: 30

i try to export my md2 vertex animation to as3, but it became very difficult to control, animator only play one animation

1) how can i play more than 1 animation by modifying those meshanimdata?

2) can i trigger that animation by adding button/listener in prefabproject.as ?  just like md2 animation, or shall i add those button/listener in animated mesh as file (animated character file) ?

3)what this mean ? “_animators[_animators.length-1].play(“default”);”, why animators.length must minus by 1 ?

4)how can i animate texture in meshdata.as ?

can anyone demonstrate it for me ?


Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 09 July 2016 02:10 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 1 ]

if you export and compile the project file example that comes with the exports, it will play right away.
If more that one animation is in the data, on top of my head, the list of animation prefixes is commented into Prefab’s output.
you simply on mouseEvent or whatever event/rule ask the animator to play another one.
The -1 one is simply the last index.  if you have length 1, array[something], as arrays are zero based, you access doing array[0]. If no -1 one would be set, you’d get an error because array[1] doesn’t exist.
textures animations can be done with other animators, like uv animator or SpriteSheetAnimator. I posted examples multiple times in this forum and there is a tutorial for spriteSheets in tutorial section



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