new demo I’m working on, try it!

Software: Away3D 4.x

alpoman, Jr. Member
Posted: 25 April 2016 03:34 PM   Total Posts: 40

the game:

Hello, this is a game I’m working on and would appreciate any input on it so far.. You’ll need to get the latest adobe air if you dont have it,

everything was done in flash animate, away3d, starling for ui, and the help of everyone here and especially the amazing away3d team!!!
the file is pretty small as an air file, about 1 meg -
since all levels are procedurally drawn at runtime, and level data is just an array.  It is designed for ios/mobile - but will work with desktop mac and pc as well using a mouse.

thanks in advance for any suggestions, critiques, or input of any kind:)





Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 31 May 2016 02:59 PM   Total Posts: 137   [ # 1 ]

Hi, I have Android mobile and Win10 PC. I will be happy to have a look at it when it’s ready.


tapsona, Newbie
Posted: 02 June 2016 02:26 AM   Total Posts: 1   [ # 2 ]

Hi, I can test it on a few android phones I have, plus I could sideloaded it on my ipad mini.

Let me know if you’re interested.



Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 03 June 2016 06:28 PM   Total Posts: 137   [ # 3 ]

sure, no prob, I can give you some feedback on android/pc.



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