Feathers or Flash Builder Components - Advice updating an old Away3D project

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Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 15 December 2015 04:47 PM   Total Posts: 137

Hi guys,

I need some advice. We want to update our old app, made with Away3D v3.6 and Flash Pro.
The project started as a Flash Pro application, so we use Flash Pro for the interface assets and building, but I use Flash Builder for writing AS3 code, debugging and profiling.

We would like the new version to be responsive. I’ve heard that Flash Builder can create responsive interface layouts, so I was wondering if we should use Flash Builder for the entire project, or I should stay with Flash Pro and create two different interface designs, one for desktop and one for mobile.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 15 February 2016 06:29 PM   Total Posts: 137   [ # 1 ]


After trying Flash Builder’s components, it seems possible to make a ‘responsive’ interface with it.

I’ve also tried Starling with Feathers and it has nice features, like the ‘drawers’ container or the possibility to use different themes for the interface.

As I’m new with Away3D v4.x, I had to deal with several issues while integrating it with Starling: the interoperation examples being too old, the mouse events being catched by Starling and Away3D at the same time, and some others.


What do you recommend to create a responsive interface for Away3D: Flash Builder’s native components or is it worth to have a go with Feathers?

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