Snake 2.5D my little test project

Software: Away3D 4.x

nitacawo, Newbie
Posted: 15 May 2015 07:40 PM   Total Posts: 2

Hey guys, I was testing away3d because I was curious of perfomance etc. for small games and made this project. Overall it was a fun experience except an awd importer which never worked properly…


interesting stuff:
1. Merging meshes on the fly into a single mesh and manipulating it afterwards to keep a good perfomance after snake gets quite long.
2. particles
3. Mesh animation seems to leak memory constantly and then garbage collector picks it up a lag appears. Have not figured out how to deal with this one… Not seen on all of the devices as memory management is different on phones. example on iphone 4 it activates then it’s > ~10mb and on nexus 4 >~40mb
4. Awd importer which does not works properly at all then it comes to animation import with couple of separate objects. Does not import mesh ids either or have I missed something ?

1. How to use different materials for a single mesh?
2. Is there an easy way to get a visible area for camera in pixels? I used Mat Janson method for it…




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