how to use Face in away3d? in another way ,i need a curved PlaneGeometry

Software: Away3D 4.x

tonnny, Newbie
Posted: 29 January 2015 08:35 AM   Total Posts: 4

thanks a lot!

i fail to find something to read


theMightyAtom, Sr. Member
Posted: 29 January 2015 08:58 AM   Total Posts: 669   [ # 1 ]

The easiest approach, if you’re not a hardcore 3D programmer, is to create your object/mapping in a WYSIWYG 3D editor like Blender, and import the finished object into Away3D. I normally do that, even though I am quite hardcore smile

Good Luck!


tonnny, Newbie
Posted: 29 January 2015 09:02 AM   Total Posts: 4   [ # 2 ]

thanks !
but i cant get it from the editor.
so is there any Class to deal with it?


theMightyAtom, Sr. Member
Posted: 29 January 2015 09:06 AM   Total Posts: 669   [ # 3 ]

You may find a Bend class?


tonnny, Newbie
Posted: 29 January 2015 09:08 AM   Total Posts: 4   [ # 4 ]

yes… is something like that?


petercummins, Newbie
Posted: 19 February 2015 05:18 AM   Total Posts: 1   [ # 5 ]

The away3d.core.base.Face class is responsible for defining a single triangular face. It stores, among other things, the vertex and UV coordinates, face normal cache, and per face material override. In this class, we’re interested in storing a boolean flag variable to indicate whether the face belongs to a quad face or not. We do this by adding a single public variable just above the constructor function. We also need to modify the constructor parameters, so we can supply this flag information.

* Defines whether the face will be rendered as quads using the quad materials.
public var isQuad:Boolean;

* Creates a new Face object.
public function Face(v0:Vertex, v1:Vertex, v2:Vertex, material:ITriangleMaterial = null,
              uv0:UV = null, uv1:UV = null, uv2:UV = null, isQuad:Boolean = false)
  this.v0 = v0;
  this.v1 = v1;
  this.v2 = v2;
  this.material = material;
  this.uv0 = uv0;
  this.uv1 = uv1;
  this.uv2 = uv2;
  this.isQuad = isQuad;

The only new codes are the public var isQuad:Boolean line, the addition of isQuad:Boolean = false in the function parameter, and this.isQuad = isQuad line at the end of the function.
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