1120 Error in Adobe Flash CC 2014

Software: Away3D 4.x

Wesley Corgi, Newbie
Posted: 13 September 2014 02:39 PM   Total Posts: 2

I am using the exact same fla and as in Flash 6, CC, and CC 2014 to run an Away3D-based program. It works without a hitch in 6 and CC. But in CC 2014, all of my embedded resources get the error: 1120 Access of undefined property.

Same thing happens when I use the sample Away3D content; ok in 6 and CC but not CC 2014.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Wesley Corgi, Newbie
Posted: 18 September 2014 05:00 PM   Total Posts: 2   [ # 1 ]

Still trying to figure this out. Here is part of the error message:

/Documents/perforce/marketing/Events/2014/vRack/Flash/3D products/src/products.as, Line 1Column 1 1120Access of undefined property products_PSONEModel.
Documents/perforce/marketing/Events/2014/vRack/Flash/3D products/src/products.as, Line 1Column 1 1120Access of undefined property products_PSONEModel

Here is where the offending PSONEModel is embedded/declared

public class products extends MovieClip {

(source "/../embeds/psone-10G.obj"mimeType "application/octet-stream")]
private var PSONEModel

Here is an example of how it’s being called:

private function initObjects(): void { 
AssetLibrary.loadData(new PSONEModel()); 

The program works in Flash CC but throws up 1120 errors all over the place with several of the variables like above.



mrpinc, Sr. Member
Posted: 18 September 2014 09:45 PM   Total Posts: 119   [ # 2 ]

It might have something to do with the SDK you are using.  Try using a combined Flex 4.6/latest AIR SDK



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