Chrome PPAPI Flash bad performance, please vote!

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john.jay, Newbie
Posted: 18 December 2013 05:11 PM   Total Posts: 1

Have you also realized that Chrome PPAPI Flash plugin is much slower in various conditions than NPAPI Flash (all other major browsers)?

Chromium project is constantly ignoring (or at least not solving) serious issues of the PPAPI Flash plugin, which is noticeably slower, more resource hungry and more buggy than the traditional Flash plugin. Some issues are not resolved over a year and a half (!).

Throughout last year and a half, I have reported some bugs to Adobe, with help of their stuff it was found that it is a concrete problem in PPAPI flash. When we have submitted it as a bug to the Chromium bugtracker, someone from Chromium put there some comments, but nothing serious happened.

This is a general problem slowly killing flash. Chrome should support it properly, when it says “We are the fastest browser” in public. Google should support Flash or not support it at all. This behaviour only upsets end customers, who complain about Flash. But it is not problem of the Flash itself, it’s a problem of Chrome.

Please, if you feel the same, vote for this bug, which should be about performance:
(look, there is a flash developer who is on hunger strike already!)

This is my last attempt to solve these problems peacefully.
The next steps could include:
-special microsite describing problems of Google Chrome and explaining end customers why Chrome is slow and why shouldn’t they use it, if they have an older computer (or even a new one, but cheaper)
-building PR on this microsite, undergo official measurements and comparsion with other browsers like IE, FF, Safari, Opera and communicating it to various media
-recommending all our customers not to use Chrome at all
-demonstration in front of Google offices
-getting into the Chromium project and determining where are the real problems and correcting them
Any other ideas? [:D]



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