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Software: Away3D 4.x

SourceSkyBoxer, Newbie
Posted: 19 October 2013 12:14 PM   Total Posts: 16

Hello folks,

Game Application: gameapp.exe
-> Adobe Air Application
-> loads libraries like externed swf files need to call back to Game Application.

Client library: ( libraries/client.swf )
-> Main client process for call and call-back and works with gameapp
-> get stabil with sometimes features of client for gameapp ( Doid you know about worker or swfloader via init() i don’t know…
Look like hl.exe calls cl_dlls/client.dll ( Half-Life Engine )

Game Mod library: ( libraries/gm.swf )
-> work from libraries for process by game mod like player moves left, right, back and front and climb on ladder or movement with weapons.. like Cry of Fear ( Horror Modification for Half-Life Engine )

Game Editor:
I am planning an initial world- or game editor ( look like this alternative Radiant, Hammer, Quark or GameStudiom )
1. How does game editor read and write flat map format like Quake Map Format ( *.map, *.qmf -> since Quake 1 has saved to old format of map ) ?
2. Can Away3D increase over than -/+32768 max distance? like level lenght if you want builed more place into map space?

Map Compiler:
1. How does compiler read from map format and write to bsp format like binary space playabled file like Half-Life- or Quake Engine like BSP-Edititor?
2. Does compiler optimize lights and visleafs?
3. Does it copy textures into bsp file like bsp-zip by Source-Engine or Half-Life-Engine hlcsg.exe -nowadtextures?
4. What do i need special functions for compiler? If i wouzld like to compress some files into bsp file than i don’t get error when i am starting game application with loading bsp file.

Model Editor:
Like 3D G-Max, Maya 11, Blender 2.7x and MikeShape and more different model editors

Model Compiler:
studiomdl.exe mymodel.qc ( Half-Life Engine Model Compiler )
But i need collisions ( Physic Box ) like Source-Engine with physic box. :D

Texture Convertor / Texture Compressor:
I would like to suggest about own texture ( = 2 or more textures, 1 Script )
2 or more Textures mean:
1x original texture example: wall.png
1x bump mapping texture / normal map texture example: wall_normal.png
1x specular / heightmap texture example: wall_specular.png
1x detail texture example: wall_detail.png
1x script example: wall.amtf ( Away3D Material Texture file
look like:

// open texture wall
normalmapcube "[ 1 1 1 ]"
detailscaledegree "25"
// End texture wall 

Compressed texture file ( *.amc ) = Away3D Material Compriming example:
[ /wall.amtf
/wall_normal.png ] like compressed texture packer like Unreal Engine smile

Particle Editor:
Yeah i like this like customization of Spirit effects :D

Script Editor, is it possible?
But it is important for Away3D Material Texture.
Events & scripts??? Like Lua or Javascript?

Another utilities & tools???
If you need important small applications for game application and game development?

Mod Installer?
Is it possible? If you won’t like to move to current directory by game application?

Thanks and best greeting from Germany


Luca, Sr. Member
Posted: 19 October 2013 01:45 PM   Total Posts: 230   [ # 1 ]

Great post i want it !!! smile smile smile


Luca, Sr. Member
Posted: 19 October 2013 01:50 PM   Total Posts: 230   [ # 2 ]

Another think is Texturematerials support many of this type of maps…
So this kind of “basic” data can be saved easily…


Luca, Sr. Member
Posted: 05 November 2013 07:30 AM   Total Posts: 230   [ # 3 ]

I’m working…


lexerton, Newbie
Posted: 01 November 2014 01:59 AM   Total Posts: 1   [ # 4 ]

This is good to know, maybe I could try the same ideas working with my cartoon games for girls, you can check it here, maybe the idea would much better work with the game.



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