Solar System Using Path Animator and Cylinder Projection Method

Software: Away3D 4.x

Concept Z, Sr. Member
Posted: 14 June 2011 08:45 AM   Total Posts: 124

Hi, Away3d Team, I want to build a Product Portfolio Using some style like Solar Sytem ,But I have Some Troubles using Away3d Broomstick: to draw and display any kind of orbit(round or oval) using the “3-points” bezier curve , i mean, i need to draw a pure curve , but not tiny circular tube (if i use such tiny circular tube ,when the camera get close , it’s not a line… )

2. Animation Texture projects on specific surface area, i want to project a logo with animation on some specific area of the Sphere surface (some kind of movieclip, or videoclip,png file…etc), i need a Cylinder Projection Method to project a video or movie clip material with alpha channel on the sphere surface.

Would you please show me to how to do that ?




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Stephen Hopkins, Sr. Member
Posted: 15 June 2011 02:24 AM   Total Posts: 110   [ # 1 ]

For 1,
Can try the SegmentSet class, it uses flat shading for LineSegments. Also, a tube is gonna look like a line, from any angle, if you give it flat shading. It’s going to have perspective though. I don’t know if LineSegments scale/shrink with distance




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