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Cheng Liao, Administrator
Posted: 10 July 2013 06:30 AM   Total Posts: 116

I’m pleased to introduce you the new effect editor for Away3D 4.1 version, which is more easy to use, but more powerful in functionality.Currently, there is no document for it. But I think it’s easy enough to master. If you have questions how to use it, you can visit for help. is a social website for you to share your assets with community. There are many assets uploaded already. You can preview, add your comments and follow these items. If you like them, you also can download to do further investigation and modification. You can also ask your questions in the Groups section, I think the community can give you the answers.
Welcome to join us to enrich the asset center and enjoy the social creation.


80prozent, Sr. Member
Posted: 10 July 2013 04:21 PM   Total Posts: 430   [ # 1 ]


I only had a quick look, but this looks very cool.

I will definitv play arround with this, as soon as i find some more time.

I like the idea about sharing effects, and i hope i will manage to create something that is worth sharing….




sorry…i hope my actionscript is better than my english…


SuperSam, Sr. Member
Posted: 11 July 2013 09:10 AM   Total Posts: 102   [ # 2 ]

That sure is an interesting initiative.

Is it made by AwayFoundation or by a third party ? It seems to be a third party.

The terms of use about licence use are kinda strange though. It basically seems to say that these assets and effets are only to be used for internal prototyping. Non commercial public display is not granted so that leaves only in-house experiments. I wonder why they did it this way ? Maybe it’s temporary because the site is in beta ?

Also strange, even though assets for now seem free, they cost at least 10 “coins”, though I saw one costing 10000, and you have to earn them by leaving comments and adding your own assets.

One comment is worth one coin, and how many coins do you get from posting assets ?
This led to huge amounts of spam comments, but could also end up attracting a number of spam assets, which would be worse :/

Hopefully it’s only temporary, to kick up activity in early days.

Still interesting nonetheless, to get inspiration and technical how-tos. smile



Cheng Liao, Administrator
Posted: 11 July 2013 10:11 AM   Total Posts: 116   [ # 3 ]

It’s my experimental project currently. I though sharing assets with the community is valuable,so I initiated this project.
It’s in the beta stage. So the terms of use is temporary and inappropriate, will be updated right away.
Many assets on it are used for testing, though a few are uploaded by real users who want to share their idea.
Welcome all of you to make it active and popular.



SuperSam, Sr. Member
Posted: 11 July 2013 02:36 PM   Total Posts: 102   [ # 4 ]

Great, so it’s not exactly Away Foundation owned yet, but pretty close still. I trust the team’s talent, so this is good news smile

Thanks for clearing it up that terms of use are temporary.

About the coins idea, I get that the goal is to get people involved, but the spam could become a concern. I’ll post alternative ideas or tweaks if I think of something worth it.

For now maybe it would be a good idea to give 30 or 50 coins to new users so they can experiment without feeling forced to leave 30 to 50 comments ? If forced to post so much, many comments will end up being meaningless, even good willed users’ comments

Now with 30 to 50 starting coins there could be a problem with duplicate accounts, but it seems less damaging, no ? Plus, the ability to create new accounts to get coins would trump the incentive of creating spam assets that nobody want. On the other hand spam assets would not be a problem if you only get 0 or 1 coin for posting assets, but more coins based on likes for example.

Another suggestion would be to add supported Away3D version for each asset, to make things more future proof smile

Anyway thanks for this, I hope your project will succeed !



John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 15 July 2013 05:22 PM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 5 ]

The upload function crashes for me.

Also, could do with a save as.

And, nice work smile



Cheng Liao, Administrator
Posted: 16 July 2013 02:19 AM   Total Posts: 116   [ # 6 ]

@SuperSam Thanks for you suggestions. I add 50 coins for new users.
@JohnBrookes Can you give me some more information about the crash? Thank you.



John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 16 July 2013 09:10 AM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 7 ]

Open AwayEffect editor.
Open awp file.
Cloud > upload
Click upload.
Error #1009

Just tried uploading a new file with no changes and that uploads.
So maybe the issue is when using textures.
The file I was trying to upload uses a sprite sheet.



Cheng Liao, Administrator
Posted: 16 July 2013 03:35 PM   Total Posts: 116   [ # 8 ]

@JohnBrookes I guess it’s because the network connection between you and the server is not good. I’ll enlarge the timeout value. Thank you.



John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 18 July 2013 09:16 AM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 9 ]

Ok can now upload after update. Thanks

I was looking at some of the examples before the update and now can no longer change any of the settings.
Also if I create a new file I cant change anything. Not even the color of the material.
All I can do is open and save a file.

Ive unistalled, rebooted reinstalled. Tried both the previous version and the latest and cant change a thing.

Ok found the fix.
Delete this folder.
Windows 7 / Vista: c:\users\USERNAME\appdata\roaming\AwayEffect
Then reinstall.



Luca, Sr. Member
Posted: 31 July 2013 06:36 AM   Total Posts: 230   [ # 10 ]

Works great on Away 4.1.4 GOLD

but to use the effect ( import ) on Away 4.1.4 GOLD some class need to be “imported” from the dev version:



ζ ‘δΈ‹ι‡Žη‹, Newbie
Posted: 05 August 2013 12:39 AM   Total Posts: 1   [ # 11 ]

nice thinks
very good



Luca, Sr. Member
Posted: 05 August 2013 07:06 AM   Total Posts: 230   [ # 12 ]

True ! smile



disound, Newbie
Posted: 15 August 2013 02:16 PM   Total Posts: 13   [ # 13 ]

The online editor and fork feature will go live sonn:)



Cheng Liao, Administrator
Posted: 16 August 2013 10:43 AM   Total Posts: 116   [ # 14 ]

Three big updates from today:
1. New skin of the website gives you better experience
2. Online editor make you can edit effects without download
3. Fork function, the best important one, provides the community collaboration to create interesting effects

Welcome to visit



Luca, Sr. Member
Posted: 16 August 2013 01:51 PM   Total Posts: 230   [ # 15 ]

WOW smile !!!




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