Away3D Forum 0 Copyright (c) 2020 ExpressionEngine,2020:12:15 Away3D version 4.1 alpha released,2012:forum/viewthread/.3506 2012-11-15T18:54:27Z 0 Alejandro Santander The Away3D team is proud to announce the alpha release of Away3D version 4.1. This represents a major iteration of the engine, packaging great new features like multi-pass rendering, reflective materials, ATF texture support, an awesome new particle engine API, performance enhancements and more…

You can read all about the 4.1 release in this blog post.

We have also introduced a brand new wiki-style tutorials section, with many new basic and intermediate tutorials. The wiki makes it very easy for any Away3D member to produce tutorial content. We hope that this soon becomes a valuable resource for our community.

We would love to hear your feedback, so if you have any comments, please leave them in this thread.


User profiles adjusted,2013:forum/viewthread/.5065 2013-10-27T11:48:21Z 2013-10-27T11:51:10Z Jens Chr Brynildsen Hi all,
Due to spammers, I’ve had to remove many of the fields that used to be available on your forum profile. This means that the only field you can really use to tell others about your blog/twitter and more is now the “Bio” field.

This field has certain restrictions so only those with a non-noob Forum Rank will have the field displayed. For most of you, this isn’t a problem but feel free to PM me if this change is causing trouble.

Also - please do report forum entries that look like spam. We are responding to all of these quickly as we could loose rank with Google unless we keep this at under control.


Call for Away3D showcase content for GDC SF,2013:forum/viewthread/.3832 2013-01-16T16:23:05Z 2013-01-17T00:30:10Z Rob Bateman Are you currently working on an Away3D game that is due to be released in the next couple of months? Perhaps you are working in company that is planning an alpha or beta release of their game, or maybe you are publishing you’re own personal assault on the 3D gaming world?

From casual coffee-break to frenetic arcade action, hardcore RPG to social-networked heaven, if any of the above is true, then we would like to hear from you to help us compile a list of eligible showcase material for the upcoming GDC conference in San Francisco (Mar 25th - 29th). Rules are simple - the game must use Away3D in some form and must have an available version to play by the time the conference expo opens (although we’ll need to see something before then obviously). The lucky selected few will get free exposure at the Adobe gaming booth, courtesy of the Away3D platform and Adobe Gaming SDK!

Reply inline below if your game is already in the public domain, or PM me if you are still in stealth-mode and need NDAs signed before any details can be given. This will be a great way to get your game showcased at the world’s largest and longest-running games industry event for free, so if you have something to show, make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

New Forum Structure,2011:forum/viewthread/.760 2011-09-16T17:06:07Z 0 Alejandro Santander As you may have noticed, we just changed the forum structure splitting the main category we had into 3 new ones:

- General User Forum
- Away3D User Forum
- AwayPhysics User Forum

The idea is that we start separating discussions by software kind. Discussions that are not specifically related to Away3D or AwayPhysics should go into the General User Forum category. Discussions that are specific to Away3D or AwayPhysics should go into their appropriate categories.

Other categories like “Prefab User Forum”, other software that we are working on, or software that might arise in the future, should have their own categories as well.

The tag/filtering mechanism will continue to work but will no longer refer to “software type”, but rather to “software version”, hence, categories will split software types and tags will help differentiate software versions or releases. This refactor to the tag system is not yet finished, but should occur very soon. For now, please continue using the available tags you find most appropriate for your discussions.

We hope that these changes act as a benefit to everyone!
Please let us know if you have any comments about this.

John Brookes: In Memorandum,2014:forum/viewthread/.5713 2014-11-07T20:20:37Z 0 Fabrice Closier Long time contributor and community member John Brookes passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from cancer….

New Effect Editor For Away3D 4.1,2013:forum/viewthread/.4711 2013-07-10T06:30:30Z 2013-08-28T03:24:55Z Cheng Liao I’m pleased to introduce you the new effect editor for Away3D 4.1 version, which is more easy to use, but more powerful in functionality.Currently, there is no document for it. But I think it’s easy enough to master. If you have questions how to use it, you can visit for help. is a social website for you to share your assets with community. There are many assets uploaded already. You can preview, add your comments and follow these items. If you like them, you also can download to do further investigation and modification. You can also ask your questions in the Groups section, I think the community can give you the answers.
Welcome to join us to enrich the asset center and enjoy the social creation.

AWD2 finalization: How I just broke your build,2012:forum/viewthread/.2447 2012-05-09T14:31:16Z 0 Richard Olsson I wanted to let everybody know that as of a couple of weeks ago, the final AWD2 format has been locked down. This meant some last minute changes that have been brewing for a while, and as it often is with binary files, these changes are not backwards compatible. Let me explain.

The process
The AWD2 file format has been a work in progress for about a year now. Almost since day one, backwards and forwards compatibility have been major goals for the format. Because of this, we needed to be really happy with the format before locking down the 2.0 version, because we can’t make any breaking changes to it after that.

Over the past two months I’ve been working on a 3ds Max exporter, and in the process, have been finalizing the structure of the file format. Part of this work was making a couple of changes to the format that needed to be done before it was locked down. These were changes that will aid in keeping the format backwards compatible, but the changes themselves were not backwards compatible with the work-in-progress state that the format has been in for a couple of months before these changes.

What were the changes?
The changes involved a number of things, some of which are listed below:
- The entire file format is now little-endian instead of big-endian. Big-endian is traditionally recommended for streaming, and this is the reason it was originally chosen for AWD. However, having thought this through again, I concluded that the effect that endianness has on application-level streaming is very small, and since most devices nowadays use little-endian the performance benefits of making the format little-endian outweighs the tiny restrictions imposed on streaming. This will allow for future optimizations of encoding and decoding, especially in languages like Javascript (i.e. for a future WebGL implementation.)
- The “optimize for accuracy” flag for geometry and matrices have been removed in favor of per-block and per-stream (see below) equivalents.
- Data streams (basically the geometry data like vertices, indices, UV coordinates et c) are now data-type agnostic. This means for example that vertex positions can be stored as integers if the encoder wants to. This improves our ability to change the way data is encoded in the future, and it allows encoders to optimize for size or accuracy on a per-stream basis.
- Most blocks that define 3D transformation now use 3x4 matrices instead of 4x4 matrices. For skeletal animation this can reduce the file size with 25%!

What does this mean?
This means that if you pull from GitHub today, you will get an AWD2Parser that will no longer be able to parse your existing AWD files. You will be getting weird runtime errors whenever you try to load an “old” AWD2 file.

Existing content
For your current short-term projects I recommend that you stick with the old AWD2Parser. If you want to stay up to date with the rest of Away3D, pull as usual but check out an older version of just the file and keep that around.

For long-term projects, schedule a conversion (re-export) of your AWD2 files as soon as the necessary changes have been made to your exporter of choice. Right now, the only exporter that is guaranteed to work with the new format is the Max exporter that will be released in the next couple of days. Other exporters (blender, Maya) have not yet been tested with the new AWD SDK after the changes. I will post in this thread once they are stable.

Going forward
This is intended to be the last breaking AWD2 change ever. From now on, the plan is for the format to be backwards and forwards compatible throughout it’s lifetime.

Because the SDK is now “stable” (in terms of the format of the files that it generates) focus will now be on further developing the tools that use the SDK (i.e. exporters and utilities) as well as documentation.

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience in your projects. Thanks for your understanding!

Away3D 4.1 Gold & Away Builder 1.0 released,2013:forum/viewthread/.4742 2013-07-16T22:28:56Z 2013-07-16T22:32:48Z Rob Bateman The new version of Away3D is now available to download on GitHub and the Away3D downloads page. This is a production release so we aren’t expecting too many problems but as always if you encounter anything please let us know.

We also have a brand new tool in the form of Away Builder which we would love to get feedback on - please feel free to visit our info pages at and let us know what you think. Away Builder has its own dedicated forum section for you to post your comments, requests, issues etc and we also have a brand new Github issues tracker for patches and bug submissions.

Enjoy the new releases(s)!

WonderFl with away Gold,2012:forum/viewthread/.3312 2012-10-03T07:41:06Z 0 loth Code Away3d Gold in live with wonderFL is now possible !!
i make some test, add more soon smile

some cool code

Reasons to be Creative, Away3D showcase submission,2012:forum/viewthread/.3119 2012-08-28T12:22:11Z 0 Rob Bateman The Reasons to be Creative conference is just around the corner, and as we’ve already mentioned on the blog, there will be plenty to see and discuss regarding Away3D

As a bit of an experiment and a way of involving the community more, I would be interested for anyone with a cool demo, site or experiment in Away3D that they would like to see showcased at the conf to get in touch.

As there is not much time, I would need submissions to be made before friday this week, after which I’ll notify those demos who we plan to show. The showcase will take place as part of my “Forward the Foundation” presentation on Tuesday. A URL is fine, just make sure that you include credit to the company and client where appropriate so that I can do the same.