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Donny, Jr. Member
Posted: 13 August 2012 06:22 AM   Total Posts: 34


If I import an OBJ file and select various Meshes, the position coordinates are all set to 0. Has anyone else had this problem?


Richard Olsson, Administrator
Posted: 13 August 2012 02:13 PM   Total Posts: 1192   [ # 1 ]

The OBJ format does not support per object transforms, as far as I know. So if you’re going to use the OBJ file format, what you describing is what you’ll need work with. Other formats, such as 3DSĀ and AWD support per-object transform matrices (rotation, position and scale), which will be parsed and carried across to the objects in Away3D.


Donny, Jr. Member
Posted: 13 August 2012 10:35 PM   Total Posts: 34   [ # 2 ]

Ah right, thanks for that Richard.


Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 27 August 2012 08:10 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 3 ]

You can also set “recenter at load” on into Prefab’s preferences. The mesh position will become then the equivallent of the mesh geometry bounds center and no longer be 0,0,0.


Becky Oskey, Newbie
Posted: 28 August 2012 06:06 PM   Total Posts: 2   [ # 4 ]

Very good information, thanks for sharing with us and hope that you always provide me such type of information.



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